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The Nude Bomb. Variety, May 7, 1980.
This Variety article provides a semi-informed review of the infamous Nude Bomb flick. Would you believe sort of informed?  Would you believed uninformed? A tip O' the Hat goes to Ryan for providing this article.

How Do You Get Smart? Don Adams Revives His Bumbling Spy in a Movie? by Bob Lardine. People, June 9, 1980.
How did Don Adams Get Smart at the crest of the 80s -or did he?  A big tip o' the hat goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

Divorce Is in the Cards for Gambling Star of 'Get Smart' by Barbara Sternig. National Enquirer, Aug. 25, 1981.
Here's a scathing National Enquirer article on Don Adams. Some of you may have seen this on Dave A's GS site with the really BIG pictures. For those of you that missed out... brace yourself.

Untitled Article. People, March 4, 1985.
This ladies and gentlemen is the infamous People issue that Ron Magid, author of The Get Smart Files, alluded to when mentioning the possibility of a "Hymie" movie.  That possibility, however, appears to be more of a pipe dream on Dick Gautier's part as it only gets a one sentence mention.  It is a happy pipe dream though... The rest of this article is mostly an 80s "Where are They Now" piece. A big tip o' the hat goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

Check it out! Variety, April 23, 1986.
A wee little Variety review on Don's Canadian TV series Check it Out!  Aside from criticism, this snippet offers wee little information about the show.  A tip O' the Hat goes to Ryan for providing this article.

GET SMART TV Gold, Oct. 1986.
This article is a latter-day overview of Get Smart, its characters, its baddies, ect. This journalistic work was penned by the great Ron Magid of The Get Smart! Files fame (see the entry regarding "Files" in the "Books" section). The article is certainly full of spirit, but don't expect it to win a spelling bee. A tip O' the Hat to Kat for donating this piece!

The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart by Penny Kaganoff. Publishers Weekly, Sept 23, 1988.
This a nice and rather departmental review of McCrohan's book (incase you felt mine was lacking). Anyhow, a nice review from these folks is not something to sneeze at.

The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart by David Bartholomew. Library Journal, Nov 1, 1988.
Well this is yet another Donna McCrohan Review. Info-track gave it a grade A rating... but I think this guy had too much fun with the thesaurus.

Get Smart, Again Variety, March 8, 1989.
It's the old Variety  review trick, 99.  If you've read the previous Variety, then you know what you're up against:  more bad grammar.  A tip O' the Hat goes to Ryan for providing this article.

A Review of the Get Smart Handbook by Caroline Paulison. Booklist, August 1993.
Here's a nice, nifty, and happy little review of the Get Smart Handbook! 
Thanks to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

Get Smart by Adam Sandler. Variety, Jan. 10, 1995.
This article gives an overview of Fox's 1995 Get Smart series and presents the case like it is: GS 95 stunk!  A big tip o' the hat goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

TV Guide, Jan. 21, 1995.
Why is the notion that TV Guide couldn't a hold preview tape of GS 95 not surprising? Thanks to
Spy Lady X for providing this clipping!

Get Smart by David Hiltbrand. People Weekly, Jan. 30, 1995.
This swell little report card from People gave the 1995 revival of Get Smart a C. Would you believe they have a lenient grading system? A big tip o' the hat goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

45th Anniversary Celebration TV Guide, April 4th-10th, 1998.
There are several Smartian tid-bits throughout this issue of TV Guide. Max even made the fashion section.

The Autograph Collector, January 1999.
In this issue of The Autograph Collector, Don Adams made an appearance, albeit a brief one, and even got his picture in the article. The article focused on Hugh Hefner's birthday bash and his famous fellow partiers. Also, GS creator Buck Henry was briefly profiled in a separate article.

TV's 50 Greatest Characters Ever! TV Guide, Oct. 16th-22nd, 1999. 
In this issue, Maxwell Smart is ranked 19th among the so-called 50 greatest TV characters. Would you believe Kojak beat him for 18th by 'this much'?

Cosmo Quiz: Can You Keep a Secret! Cosmopolitan, September 1999.
In this Cosmo quiz, Max and 99 are the picture perfect models for the quiz's lone picture.

Vote for Your Favorite TV Characters! Biography Magazine, June 2000.
Max was in the running, along with 25 other male characters, for favorite TV Character in Biography Magazine. Unfortunately he didn't make first string. Sorry about that!

Cecily Adams Star Trek the Magazine November 2000.
Wait a tic... what's an article on a Ferengi doing in a Get Smart site? Cecily Adams is the late daughter of Don and this rather hefty interview provides an interesting look into her career.

Julianne Moore: Hannibal Lecter's Newest Leading Lady. Biography Magazine, February 2001.
While this title has nothing to do with Get Smart, Barbara Feldon appeared within the article in a nifty little box about "Fed Fatales." The clip has a swell picture, but a minimal caption.

Grand Unions TV Guide, May 12, 2001.
In honor of all things matrimonial, TV Guide paid homage to the wacky world of TV Weddings. Max and 99's nuptials were number 18.

Susan Stewart's Hits & Misses TV Guide, July 28, 2001.
In Susan Stewart's weekly program review column, Inside TV Land's documentary on Get Smart ranked an 8 on a scale of 0-10. Now if it were, me, I'd have given this tribute to all things Smart a 10+++!

100 Greatest TV Characters of All Time. FHM, October 2001.
For Him Magazine
ranked our hero Maxwell Smart at number 91 out of 100 other TV characters.  Would you believe TV Guide ranked Max at number 19 back in October of 1999?  *Sigh*  Amongst the montage of other TV characters in this spread, Max and 99 did get an ample sized picture.

Where Are They Now:  Barbara Feldon by David Martindale. Biography Magazine, January 2002.
Where's Barbara Feldon?  Read this article and you will find out!  As an added bonus, you'll get the top secret plans for the book she's writing.

Nutin' Funnier! by Ira Sandler. Filmfax, Feb/Mar 2002.
There's nut'n funnier than Leonard Stern -except a... a... Awe, heck, just read this nifty section of a rather recent Stern interview.

The Man in the Mailbox by Harry Helms. Filmfax, Feb/Mar 2002.
And Filmfax hits Smartians far and wide with a double dose Get Smart.  Here you can hear Dave Ketchum's thoughts on being put in tight spaces and why he thinks the popularity of Get Smart has endured into the 21st century.  Just one question, 99:  Why wasn't 13 ever put between a rock and a hard place?


"50 Greatest TV Guide Covers" by Greg Emmanuel et. al. TV Guide, June 15, Pages 12-36.

TV Guide, TV Guide, which is the most fairest cover of them all?  Why it's the March 5, 1966 Andy Warhol cover of Barbara Feldon!


Where Are They Now:  The Original Cast of the Love Boat. Biography Magazine, August 2002.
I'm not transcribing this article.  Gosh darn!  The article talks briefly about what the Love Boat gang is up to.  Bernie Kopell, for those curious, is supposed to appear in the upcoming film The Stone Man and is married with one son.

99 and Still Going Strong. Publishers Weekly, Aug. 12, 2002.
A rather self-explanatory review of Barbara Feldon's book, Living Alone and Loving It
A big tip o' the hat goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this article!

Incoming ToyFare, October 2002.
See the all new Get Smart action figures! See how real the Chief is! Ooolaalaa!

The Amazing Mr. Terrific! by Mark Phillips. Outré, 2002.
The same year Buck Henry left Get Smart to create NBC's superhero spoof Captain Nice, CBS decided to raise their own similarly themed sitcom from wherever it was that previously slaughtered ideas were kept.  That show became Mr. Terrific.  What does an ill-fated sitcom have to do with a Get Smart Article archive?  Two words:  Dick Gautier.  Stephen Strimpell -the man who played Mr. Terrific- discusses his co-star in this excerpt from the article.

Get Smart's Agent 99: How to Live Alone -And Love It by Rod Gibson. National Enquirer, Jan. 21, 2003.
The good people of the National Enquirer *insert sarcasm here* did a little promo for Barbara's book. Check out the article and the lovely Barbara here. Thanks to Maxine for providing this clipping.

Danger Will Robinson, This Man Wants Your Clothes by Frank DeCaro. TV Guide, 2003(?).
Story on TV memorabilia collector James Comisar who owns a shoephone, cheese sandwich phone, ice cream phone and bar of soap phone. All together the collection is likely worth $100,000.

Look Out Max! by Donna Nowak. Filmfax Plus, April/June 2004.
Gosh, that's the second biggest Barbara Feldon article I've ever read! This Feldon chronology is still available through Filmfax's back issues.

Off the Wall Autograph Collector, June 2004.
Our esteemed writers at Autograph Collector offers some advice on getting 86 and 99's John Hancock. Though, I'm still waiting for that GS on DVD release they allude to... waiting...waiting... my is it 2005? Waiting... waiting..

Autograph All-Stars by Tony Urban. Autograph Collector. October 2004.
This snippet came from a collection of other snippets about stars and their autographs. 

The following articles were published after the death of  Don Adams.
I will not be posting them here. You can probably still find them if you want them. I'm just not posting them. Here they are:

Legacy. Entertainment Weekly. Oct. 7, 2005.
Farewell. Get Smart's Don Adams People. Oct. 10, 2005.
Milestones. Time. Oct. 10, 2005.
Farewell. Entertainment Weekly Dec. 30, 2005 - Jan. 6, 2006
Tributes. People Yearbook 2006

Would You Believe...? The Cell-Phone Miracle From Sitcom Dream to Basic Necessity. Invention & Technology. Winter 2007.
The cover of this mag features Don Adams hold his shoe phone. Inside "Hold the Phone" by Stewart Volpin discusses, off all things, cell phones and refers to, of all things, Maxwell Smart.

Jose, Can You See? by L. Wayne Hicks. Filmfax Plus. April/June 2007.
Did you know Don Adams's buddy Bill Dana was awarded the Bronze Star? This is a nice piece on Dana's career.

Getting Smarter by Jim Colucci. Watch! June 2007.
The CBS magazine devoted a page to Get Smart. Not a bad little article, in all timeliness it mentions the DVD release and the movie with Steve Carell.

60s TV Collecting Classic Television by Rod Labbe. Autograph Collector. June/July 2007.
The article talks about procuring autographs from 60s stars -including Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. Also included in the package is a sidebar on remembering Don Adams.

The Love Boat 30th Anniversary: A Look Back by Dan Snierson. Entertainment Weekly. Sept. 14, 2007.
If you remember watching The Love Boat in its original run, does that mean you're old? Is that what this is trying to say? Of course this article has comments from our favorite Kaos agent Bernie Kopell. There are also a few random mentions of Don Adams. 

Forget Smart. Mad Classics, July 2008.
In a "bad case of the reruns department," Mad reruns the GS spoof it did in the early 1990s.

A Hollywood Widower's Tale by Sue Corbett. People. May 11, 2009.
This is a review of Jim Beaver's book, Life's That Way. The memoir is largely a collection the emails Beaver sent to loved ones during the illness of his wife Cecily Adams - Don Adams' daughter.

TV on DVD by Alynda Wheat. Entertainment Weekly. Oct. 9, 2009.
This isn't really an article and I don't deem it worthy of the miscellaneous clippings. Would you believe it's an honorable mention. Get Smart is mentioned in this cache of DVD reviews - at the bottom of the page.

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