Library Journal/November 1, 1988


McCrohan, Donna.  The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart.

   St. Martin's. 1988. c.224p. photogs. index. ISBN 0-312-00030-8 pap. $12.95 TV

Veteran TV fan book writer McCrohan (e.g., Honeymooners Companion) has produced a well-researched, effervescent panegyric to Get Smart, the Emmy-winning spy spoof created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry that ran from 1965 to 1970.  Amidst the usual composite portraits of the characters, episode guide (some really good, or bad, titular puns here), and production history and information, McCrohan places the series' actors, directors, producers, and writers interestingly reveals the interrelatedness of people responsible for TV comedy, series after series, from the Golden Age to the present morass.  Expect interest; the reruns are popular -

David Bartholomew, NYPL

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