Article from "Get Smart." David Hiltbrand. People Weekly Jan 30, 1995 

Though the concept may seem ludicrous to some, TV has its classics too. One such prime-time paragon was Get Smart, the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created spy spoof from the '60s starring Don Adams as secret agent Maxwell Smart. Now, Fox has exhumed the show. "Revived" would be too positive a word to apply to this fiasco.

In this rehash, Max has risen to the office of chief of the espionage agency C.O.N.T.R.O.L. The chief's underling, his cracked operative, is Zach Smart (Andy Dick), his son with the former Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon redux).

Whereas Dad was a pompous blockhead, the younger Smart has a weak, ineffectual air. The sitcom--all slapstick and silly gadgetry--is demeaning to its returnees. In fact its only asset is Dick, who resembles a gaunt, bespectacled Tim Allen. A gifted light comic, Dick single-handedly rescues this feeble show from a failing grade. (Ironically, Dick has been outspoken in disparaging the program to the press.)
Fox hasn't done anyone a favor by dumbing up Get Smart. Why couldn't they have remade F Troop? Grade: C

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