Article from:  "Grand Unions " TV Guide May 12, 2001.

18. Maxwell Smart and 99
Get Smart

November 16, 1968

Twenty-four hours before his wedding, Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 (Don Adams), drinks a concoction that will cause a map of the Melnick uranium mines to form on his chest.  For it to develop, he must stand upright for the next 48 hours, putting a little kink in his honeymoon plans.  He's late for the wedding, his best man falls asleep on the chapel floor and a fight with KAOS agents forces the bride (Barbara Feldon) to step over bodies on her way down the aisle.  Would you believe that even thought they're married, Max calls his wife 99?  Not even just 9.  Yup, it's silly, it's over the top, and thanks--we needed that.



And as an added ultra-cool bonus in this issue of TV Guide, Max and 99 were the prime picture for this TV Guide "Close-Up".  Ain't that specccciiaal.....



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