Article from: "99 and Still Going Strong" Publishers Weekly Aug. 12, 2002  p. 251 

        Barbara Feldon, who played Secret Agent 99 on TV's immensely popular Get Smart, is hardly your typical actress-turned-writer. Rather than penning a memoir on her days in the spotlight, she's making her authorial debut in January with Living Alone and Loving It: A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life from S&S/Fireside. From Washington, D.C., where she attended the opening of the International Spy Museum, Feldon commented, "We've been given one model for being, which is mating, and understandably so because nature wants to procreate, but there are many more styles of being than our culture admits there are." Senior editor Doris Cooper agrees that Feldon's book, a combination of personal essays and practical how-to, is not a predictable celebrity tome, nor is it your average self-help book. "Barbara is an exceptional writer," she says. "This book isn't edgy; it's earnest." Cooper, who also edited The Surrendered Wife, knows whereof Feldon writes. "When I started editing this book I was living alone, and I knew that what Barbara was saying was right. It's about connecting with other people and doing things you want to do without the agenda of meeting someone." Feldon may be an atypical celebrity author, but fame does have its perks--in this case, a confirmed Today appearance scheduled for January.

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