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The Miscellaneous Mish-mash Article Outpost

Part One

Welcome to the messy, confusing, and bizarre world of misplaced articles and clippings. To make a normally wordy paragraph short, these articles are either menial clippings, clippings with no date, or articles I just can't leave standing alone in the rest of the reference guide. The bottom line is, I don't know where it came from but it's here and it's posted. Now if only I could find my APA documentation papers...

Mysterious Clipping Number One:

Awe, gee, what a nice little plug for Joey Green's book. This obviously hit the presses before Green's book went out of print and moved onto the land of the lost. 

This came out of USA Today Weekend, but I cannot recollect the date in which it appeared. 

Now, checkout the pic of the GS Handbook in this clipping and compare it to the one pictured in the reference guide. What's up with that?

Lucky Article Number Two:

This clipping was frantically ripped and torn from the TV paper circulated amongst the innards of the late great Saturday Michigan City News-Dispatch. I would guess the date might be Jan. 7, 1995.... but that's not my final answer.

Screwball Calendar Pages Number Three:

The Nick at Nite 1999 Desk Calendar


Barbara Feldon of Get Smart, unlike her TV partner, did not need to "get smart," she already was. She won the top prize on The $64,000 Question with her knowledge of Shakespeare, no less!


Get Smart never revealed Agent 99's real name. In one episode, her name was given as Susan Hilton, but it was just an alias. The show's producers insist that 99 never had a name in the first place.


On this date in history, 1989: The reunion movie Get Smart Again hits the airwaves. This was actually the second update of the Get Smart saga; The Nude Bomb was originally a theatrical release that bombed at the box office. Happily, Get Smart Again fared much better.


On Get Smart, Max and 99 got married and were proud parents of twins. However, on the mid-90s series revival, they only had one son, bumbling neophyte agent Zach. Was this a glaring oversight or was the twin a clever cover on the Smart's part? The world may never know.

This conglomeration came from the Nick @ Nite desk calendar and was subsequently rescued from my trash can. Much of it is redundant trivia except the last one which does not make sense. Given the situation of the missing twin or even having twins period, exactly how would that qualify as a "cover"?

Interesting Cut-out Number Four:


I'm thinking this picture profile came out of TV Guide, circa 1995.

UPDATE Jodi has given me more info on this clipping and it is from the "Winter Preview" TV Guide for the week of January 21-27 1995. Thanks Jodi!


Embarrassing Body Habit Number Five:


This ad for D-Snore appeared on the back of October 2000's Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Good old Siegfried (the great Bernie Kopell) has put his own personal guarantee on it! Now what I want to know is whether this is a Kaos front or if the publishers of this mystery mag think its readers have hygiene issues (last month's ad was for a bunch of breath mints).

Groovy NBC Fall TV Premiere Clipping Number Six:

NBCW.jpg (127065 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail to read and get the full effect of this cool clipping! Would you believe it came straight from the glory days of 60s TV? Actually it was provided by the wonderful Alan Spencer, who deserves a big tip o' the hat for doing his part to fight Kaos!  Thanks Alan!

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