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The Miscellaneous Mish-mash Article Outpost 

Part Two


Weird Barbara Feldon Clipping Assortment Number Seven:

Can I explain any of this? Depends... I will say that some of what you are about to see makes sense. Some... well... some of it just doesn't.

This is not weird.

This is pic from Barbara's stint on The 80s Woman cable TV talk show is the only sensible one of the bunch. I was hording it for the yet to be built "Land of 99" section of this site... but..


This one is odd. It's the diet coke of weird. Weird, but not quite weird enough.

Barbara is at the far left -she's standing beside Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick). It was in this boob tube flick that Marcia Brady became the daughter of 99.


Now, this one is Weird!

Just one question, 99: Who's that guy? This post-Smart clipping is, by far, the oddest of the odd. I'm going to assume it came from the Enquirer or some other rag sheet. 

Feldon was married only once to Lucien Feldon. After their 1968 divorce she did not remarry. While it's reasonable to believe Ms. Feldon enjoyed being a contented wife, it's a far stretch to apply that concept to this picture.  

Update: It has been theorized that this man of mystery is none other than Get Smart writer Burt Nodella with whom Ms. Feldon had a relationship with at one time.


Amusing C.O.S Cartoon Number Eight:


Thanks goes to Saber Shadow Kitten for finding this quirky 'toon. Thanks goes to Bob Muleady for drawing it! 

Thanks also goes to Starlog for that great article on William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy!

Goofy Dinette Set Cartoon Number Nine:


Some days, as I peruse the paper, I find Julie Larson's Dinette Set in merit of a polish knee-slapper.  Other days I find it frighteningly real.  Then there are the days where I find Get Smart in it.  

Now let's play "Where's Maxwell Smart?"  Look at the Dinette Set cartoon at left and see if you can find him!

Cool Catalogue Clipping Number Ten:

This clipping appeared in the Summer 2002 Entertainment Earth Catalogue.  These prototypes of Sideshow Toy's 12 inch Get Smart figures made the editor's pick.  Oooh!  A ribbon and a star for Max and the Chief.

Dramatic Play Clipping Number Eleven:

Don Adams' stage debut, Harold, opened Nov. 29, 1962. Oddly we haven't heard much of it since. In the clipping at left, Adams (far left) is playing the role of Obee Zwick. John Fiedler and Anthony Perkins also stared in the production. What was the play about? *shrugs*

Nifty Get Smart Word Find Number Twelve:


Now Smartians can play with their very own Don Adams word find. Can you find the word "Spoof" Thanks to Maxine for providing this word find.

gswfind.jpg (61786 bytes)

Sassy Cell Phone Graphic Number Thirteen:


Awe... Entertainment Weekly paid tribute to the cell phone by incorporating Max and his shoe phone. Gee... and all I bought the magazine for was the article on Buffy...

FWIW, this was in the March 7, 2003 Entertainment Weekly


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