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(Part One)

The page is just as the title implies! More Smartian reading for all!

The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart. Donna McCrohan, 1988, St. Martin's Press. $12.95. ISBN: 0-312-00030-8.

This book would be, among the Get Smart books, the Get Smart reference book. It has a ton of behind the scenes information, is well written, and well researched. Would you believe it is the Get Smart dissertation? This book is out of print so it cannot be found at the local bookstore. It could be obtained through Amazon (which does a search for out of print books) or through Ebay which has this title up for auction every so often.  There's also a hard bound library edition of the book.

The Get Smart Handbook. Joey Green, 1993, Collier Books. $12.00. ISBN: 0-02-032795-1.

Not a bad book either, this one is more of an episode guide. It has a nice layout and is written in a "Smartian" style. It has lots of pictures as well as lots of errors. For example, Don Adams' date of birth is listed in two separate sections of the book, but neither date is correct. This book is out of print too. Sorry about that. Again, I would suggest Amazon or Ebay in order to get a copy.

The Get Smart! Files by Ron. Magid, Borgo Press, 1987, ISBN 0-80-958132-9.

And in third we have The Get Smart! Files. A product of Files Magazine, which also had editions focusing on other classic shows, The Get Smart! Files features interviews from Dick Gautier and Don Adams. That, however, is about all it features aside from a few behind-the-scenes pictures. Although not a wealth of info, it does make a nice collectible. Methinks this ditty was only available in Australia but don't bank on that one. Anyhow it is out of print & all the mighty Amazon says is that it will do an out of print book search. I'd also have to give this a PG-13 rating due to incessant usage of expletives in lieu of adjectives. Parental discretion and permission slips from mommy are advised.

Get Smart (Maxwell Smart, That Is) A Coloring Book. 1965, Saalfield Publishing Co. $0.29.

Well now isn't this a big bunch of cute --a Get Smart coloring book! Would you believe this coloring book was commended by Parents' Magazine? Well it says so right on the front cover. Here's another shocker: it was even made in the U.S. of A! Max is drawn quite well, 99 resembles herself through out 99 percent of the book, but the Chief is apparently being played by a man with a full head of hair and a walrus-like mustache. The coloring books are up for auction from time to time on ebay, though you may find they've been colored in. There are four versions of this coloring book. Depending on which one you're seeking out, you may be forking over a bit of money.


Would You Believe...? by Don Adams, 1966, Price, Stern, and Sloan.

Would you believe that you can see Europe on less than $5.00 a day? Would you believe that I paid $5.00 for this book? Would you believe I answered C to every quiz question on the Kaos page? This "booklet" was penned by Don "Would you believe?" Adams and is full of "Would You Believe" jokes and goof-ball picture art. It's not an info trove, but it's nice for die hard collectors. This book is mainly found on Ebay. Would you believe a flea market?

Get Smart Christopher Sergel, 1967, The Dramatic Publishing Company ISBN: 0-87129-260-2

Yes, it's the old make a TV show into a two act play trick. Get Smart the play requires ten men and seventeen women. Hmm... that's almost two girls for every boy. The plot of the play combines the "Mr. Big" episode with the "Diplomat's Daughter" episode and adds in a trio of Asian Kaos agents. Buyer take note: the ISBN for this publication is giving me a big fat nothing when I try and search it. For those desperately seeking this play, try the snail mail address:


Dramatic Publishing

P.O. Box 129

Woodstock, Il 60098

Thanks goes out to Ryan Schroer for providing this play!

Maxwell Smart meets Jose Jimenez. by Don Adams and Bill Dana, New York: Bantam, 1982.
Also known in some circles as Would You Believe, this one is different than the book pictured above. I don't have much info on it except that it's a pocket sized paperback and contains, apparently, goof-ball trivia.

The Stars of Stand-up Comedy: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Robert Landesmith, 1986.
This book is something of an encyclopedia of comedians (although it is not exactly up to date). It has biographies of Don Adams, Bill Dana, Don Rickles, et. al. claims this book is out of print.

Cult TV. John Javna, 1985, $14.95. ISBN: 0-312-17848-4.

This book would be the viewers guide to classic TV. It has four pages devoted to Get Smart as well as other Smartian tid-bits sprinkled throughout the rest of the book. It is a bit dated, but it's still all kinds of fun to have around.  It should also still be in print as I bought a copy but a few years ago.

60s John Javna, 1988, St Martin's Press. $17.95. ISBN: 0-31201-725-1.

This book was apparently re-released at some point in recent time. It's quite a good production from John and Gordon Javna (aren't all productions from the Javnas super?) and it has, aside from a tiny section on GS, a whole chuck wagon of stuff on the 1960s. I think it could be best described as a hybrid pop culture scrapbook and a history text. $17.95 is retail, but it can be found in bargain stores for half that price -if you look hard enough and are good at pealing off sale stickers.


Note:  Prices listed on this page are the suggested retail price.  Publication dates, unless otherwise noted, are the gospel according to Ingram.

On to Books Part Two--->