Where Can I Get My Hands On This Stuff????

And a mighty good question that is! Here's my answer:

Newspapers, Clippings, and Mags:

The newspaper and magazine articles can be found in a good research library and also over Ebay.


The Books I have listed and the Get Smart paperback novels can be found through the following online sources:

Bookfinder* Barnes & Nobels* Amazon  American Book Exchange* Ebay.

Note, though, that the sources marked with the red asterisk (*)have passed my The Ship With The Flat Tire test. This means that they have more GS stuff, as well as other ridiculously hard to find stuff than the other sources. I will add that Amazon claims that they will do a search for these mysterious out of print books, so they are an option. 

Again, If you would like to add some articles that I have for some reason left out then let me know and I'll pop them on here.