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Part Three

Wondering what all this random stuff is? So am I! I guess we'll just keep wondering.

Bizarre 1970's Don and Barbara Picture Number Fourteen:

This is not a picture from the time Don Adams and Barbara Feldon guested on That 70s Show, because that never happened. These clothes, however, did happen. I have no clue what magazine this clipping came from.

Paparazzi pose with third wife picture Number Fifteen:

I believe the lady with Mr. Adams in this clipping is third wife Judy Luciano... though maybe she wasn't quite the third wife when this picture was taken. It's hard to say as I don't know where this clipping came from.

Barbara Feldon TV Guide Ad Number Sixteen:

This show, apparently hosted by Barbara Feldon, looks like it covers some real shock and awe type topics... like A Couple Copes with Costs of Living! Wow. Gee that's a novel issue. Who ever heard of anyone struggling with the cost of living? 


Barbara Feldon TV Guide Ad Number Seventeen:

WoW! 99 was in an ABC After School Special! Just one question 99... how much of an unforgivable secret is this?


Get Smart Again TV Guide Plug Number Eighteen:

I've always liked this picture...and the other poses from that particular shoot. However, since this was a plug for Get Smart Again, wouldn't it have been better to run a picture from that movie? Or perhaps two pictures -one from the series and one from the movie. Must've been the steep price of ink and that glossy paper holding them back.

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