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The Miscellaneous Mish-mash Article Outpost 

Part Four

By crikey! It's a chuck wagon load of TV Guide ads featuring our illustrious Get Smart star, Don Adams!

Nifty Swell Get Smart/Partners Ads Number Nineteen:

tvgclp2.jpg (27802 bytes)

Click on the ad at left and you will get a larger version of that ad. You will also be able to clearly see the gun that is being pointed at Max's head. Any takers on which episode this came from?

Hey, look! It's a "Partners" ad! I wonder how many times this show graced the inside of TV Guide?  I wonder if that number is bigger than my ring size?

Don Adams Screen Test Plug Number Twenty:

Here's another question: how many times did "Screen Test" get to have a TV Guide ad?

Nude Bomb Sketch Ad Number Twenty-one:

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of this TV Guide ad for the Nude Bomb. They're trying to pass it off as it's alias -The Return of Maxwell Smart. The ad's pretty interesting...which is more than I could or should say for the movie.

tvgclp4.jpg (88657 bytes)

Cache of TV Guide Ads for "Check it Out" Number Twenty-two:


Check it out --from the Motor City to the west coast, Don Adams is in Check it Out without a mustache!

Get Smart Again Column Number Twenty-three:

The Old Spot Don's Stunt Double Trick lives! Unfortunately TV Guide didn't much care for it. Well times are tough all over. Pooh on them. 

For the sake of trivia, viewers can, on occasion, catch glimpses of Don's stunt double in the original series. That part was played by fellow Hoosier Eddie Hice. 

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