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Part Five

Oh Max! Look at all the TV Guide clippings featuring the lovely Barbara Feldon!

TV Guide Ad Number Twenty-four:

Oooh gosh... I can't wait to read if only TV Guide would have also put dates in their plugs for "special" issues.

Max embracing 99 clipping Twenty-five:

Gee... what an industrious 9-year-old. At that age I was more impressed with the book "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Seriously though, Ms. Feldon should have moved into the newspaper biz. With the multitude of crazy people, interviews are never boring.

Barbara Feldon Gracing a TV Guide Cover clipping Twenty-six:

tvgclp14.jpg (67356 bytes)

Wait a sec... weren't Barbara Feldon and Maureen McCormick in another TV Guide clipping found within this site? Click on the thumbnail above for a bigger clipping.

Another lame clipping kicker number Twenty-seven:

tvgclp15.jpg (101269 bytes)      tvgclp16.jpg (45939 bytes)
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger clipping. The clip at left I believe is from circa 1996. As for the one on the right... ummm... Mr. TV Guide, 99 didn't have a shoe phone.


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