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The Miscellaneous Mish-mash Article Outpost 

Part Six

Don Adams clippings galore! Where they came from I do not know.

Don gossip clipping Twenty-eight:

That's just about the vaguest caption in this whole mess that is the Misc Mish-mash Article Outpost. Which marriage? What encore? When did this appear?

Screen Test era Don clipping Twenty-nine:

Don's chatting with gossip queen Rona Barret. Apparently she served as a talent judge on The Don Adams Screen Test.

Mrs. Adams No. 3 clipping Thirty:


Would you believe Don was friends with all three of his ex-wives?

Don the disciplinarian clipping number Thirty-one:

 gsclip3.jpg (189725 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail to read about Don's day of babysitting. Don't tell me junior got the corner! How about a stern reprimand?


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