Article from "Check it out!" Variety April 23, 1986 v322 p86 (1)

Check It Out!
With: Don Adams, Dinah Christie, Jeff Pustil, Kathleen Laskey, Aaron Schwartz, Tonya Williams, Simon Reynolds, Henry Beckman, Don Lake, Shawn Lawrence, Miriam Newhouse, Frank Anzalone
Supplier: Taffner & Associates Prods., CTV-TV Net Ltd., Telefilm Canada, Program Syndication Services
Producer: Stuart Gillard
Director: John Bell
Writers: Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers, based on Thames TV's "Tripper's Day" series written by Brian Cooke
Music: Russ Little
30 Mins., Sat., 7 p.m.
WNYW, New York
    "Check It Out!" is routine sitcom all the way, a basically viable idea which gets pedestrian treatment down the line.
    Don Adams stars as the manager of what seems like a nondescript supermarket, with Dinah Christie, Jeff Pustil, Kathleen Laskey, Aaron Schwartz and Tonya Williams as his none-too-efficient staff.
   The opening show revolves around a loss of parking space for the help, with assistant manager Pustil volunteering to drive his fellow workers to the job...for a fee. The scheme backfires, and Adams outwits Pustil, but doesn't do so with an abundance of laughs, and it is hard to care one way or the other.
    The series has been running in Canada and on USA Network and must be providing some sort of appeal to keep it alive on those venues


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