Article from: "Divorce Is in the Cards for Gambling Star of 'Get Smart'" By Barbara Sternig. National Enquirer, Aug. 25, 1981.

Divorce Is in the Cards for Gambling Star of 'Get Smart' 

By Barbara Sternig

  Stormy Marriage of Get Smart star Don Adams and wife Judy will end soon, insiders say.  Heavy gambling Don Adams of Get Smart fame has come up with a losing hand -- his stormy on-again, off-again marriage to onetime starlet Judy Luciano is headed for divorce court, Hollywood insiders say. 
    “They’re split, getting divorced,” a close friend of the on happy couple told The ENQUIRER. “ Don is a night person, a gambler. Judy is a gorgeous lady with beautiful thoughts. 
    “After they married,” the friend continued, “she found out what a toad he was and kicked him out. Judy is much better off without him.”
    Don and Judy married 1977 --but a year later separated. 
    In divorce papers she filed at that time, Judy described the 58-year-old comic actor as a "chronic gambler. He gambles six days each week and has losses that average $4,000 to $8,000 per month."
    Adams, however, according to the other court papers, promised to reform and they reconciled-- which led to the birth of a daughter, Beige, in 1979. 
    Then, last year, 30-year-old Judy filed for divorce again, alleging that Adams “has attacked me physically and has made threats that he intends to kidnap my baby. . . (He) is an extremely heavy gambler. . . (and) he is extremely tense and has a very low self-image of himself. He becomes severely depressed and I am in fear of my physical well-being. . .”
    Incredibly, they reconciled still another time!
    But now, according to an insider, “they’re definitely going ahead with their divorce. They’ve decided the marriage is a really over.”
    And one of Judy's confidants told The ENQUIRER: “It looks like both of them are ready to make the final break. Their lawyers are prepared to get the case moving-- and finished for once and for all. 

Webmasters Note: Can you say Rag Sheet? Maybe there is a shred of truth in all this, but I'd like to know who these "insiders," "friends" and "confidents" are. How come my editor makes me use a name (of a real person mind you) whenever I write a story? Huh? Thanks goes to Jenna Terranova for providing this article. J

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