How To Get Smart About Get Smart

(A.K.A. The Original Get Smart Reference Guide)

Why a reference guide? Oh, gee, I don't know... because I'm a disturbed young woman? Because I find research fun? Nah, it's a dandy way for die-hard 'Smartians' to get more Smart --or for Barbara Feldon fans to get more pictures. It's also something to look for in the library when research gets really boring. Anyway, finding articles on Don Adams in his show biz prime is a heck of a lot easier than finding the true identity of Ebenezer Pentweazle.

Clicking on the categories below will take the Smartian researcher to what type of reference they are looking for and so on and so forth! Any other online Get Smart info that is not in the online news clips can be found on my links page. If you would like to add some articles that I have for some reason left out then let me know and I'll pop them on here.

Magazine Articles
Check out what the groovy Smartian Articles of the 1960s! Did Barbara Feldon wear a wig? Is Don Adams really like Max? Which cast member paints? 
Magazine Articles
Read the thrilling Get Smart Articles of the modern world!!!  How did The Nude Bomb and Check it Out fare?  What did 13 have to say about his stint in a washing machine?
Newspaper Articles How well does Maxwell Smart fare at the Bridge table and what all this with Buck-a-Call?
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part One)
All corny plugs will be found inside this link!
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part Two)
For smooth and easy loading it's a continuation of Miscellaneous Articles Part One!
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part Three)
More miscellaneous articles? Am I crazy? Yes!
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part Four)
Quick, someone stop me before I make another clipping page!
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part Five)
Ruh-Roh... looks like no one stopped me....
Miscellaneous Articles
(Part Six)
Could there be even more clippings?
BOOKS (Part One) A thrilling guide to some very Smart reading from the 1960s to the 1980s.
BOOKS (Part Two) A thrilling guide Smart reading from 1990 and beyond.
The Get Smart Paperbacks Get Smart the novelization -all nine parts of it!
The Comic Books! Art, action, and the comic book finds of a life time!
Where Can I Get this Stuff?????? Uh... Uh... I want that too!!!!! Where can I find it?

Note/Disclaimer:  Book information in this guide is the gospel according to Ingram unless otherwise noted.  Factual and grammar errors are the result of the author, not the transcriber or webmaster.  Articles have been bought and paid for out of the webmaster's or the contributor's pocket.  Everything holds its own copyright.