Before we get on with all this links stuff I'd like to give a Tip O' the Hat to a few people:
Carl: Thanks for your infinite wisdom and advice
Rich: Thanks for the commentary back when this site was in its infant stage and you get a Golden 'Atta-boy for taping Get Smart for me!
Saber Shadow Kitten: Thanks for your help in locating one of the groovy comics and a Golden 'Atta-girl for taping Get Smart for me!

....And now let the links begin!!!!

Looking for more Smart? Here's the hotlist in no particular order -aside from some excuse for categorization. Also, if you have a Get Smart page that I have mindlessly neglected to put up here and you'd like to be linked, just email me.

(Teeny Tiny disclaimer: Due to the fact that I don't want web surfers to be disappointed when they find a 404, I reserve the right to remove broken links, lost pages, ect. Please email me if your URL changes.)

Fan Fiction Links All my Get Smart Fanfic links can be found in this page.

Carl's Get Smart Site

Carl's site is the A number 1 Get Smart site in all of cyberspace! It is the Get Smart Graceland! It has an awesome episode guide, biographies of the cast, pictures, information on Get Smart collectibles, and, most importantly, info on how to join the Get Smart Mailing list and the Get Smart Chat. Plus: Carl's site is now "Java Enhanced" and has lists of all Control Agents, Kaos Agents, Gadgets, and more! He's outdone The Get Smart Handbook!

The World of Max

Check out Pete's World of Max page! It's Get Smart eye candy. It features a filmography of Don Adams, cool pictures, and great wall paper. There is also a section on the cars Max drove and the many entrances of Control Headquarters.

For Get Smart Fans Only

Get smart and get counted at Ishaan's counter page! This page has a bundle of really great Get Smart links. If you're a GS fan and you'd like to see more GS go here! In fact, the Chief orders you to go here!

La Página; del Super Agente 86!

This GS page is in Spanish and it's awesome! The site includes sound bites, pictures of Kaos agents, and shots from Get Smart '95. Take a look!

Tom Silva's Get Smart Page

Tom has a great site chocked full of Get Smart pictures and sounds. Need more Max? Go here!

Kristina's Get Smart Page

Kristina has piles and piles of pictures! They are all lovely and are a must see! She even has a section on all the other women -aside from 99- that Max romanced.

To Sledge Hammer Online!

Sledge Hammer Online.Com

Holy blast from the past Batman -it's an official Sledge Hammer site!  Much to my mother's chagrin, I watched Sledge Hammer every week when it ran in the mid-80s.  Now, thanks to the show's producer Alan Spencer, kids of the 80s can relive their childhood and everybody else can see what they missed.  Sledge Hammer, btw, is the closest TV ever came to Get Smart.

The Official Bernie Kopell Web Site

Bernie Kopell has his own private piece of the 'net!  He's got pics of his career (including Get Smart) and autographs for sale!  Siegfried galore, folks!

KAOS Radio

While we're talking about Siegfried, Kaos has it's own radio station in Olympia, Washington!  Fellow Kaos Agents unite -or just kick back and listen to some tunes.

Mr. Terrific & Captain Nice!

This site has info on one of Dick Gautier's other TV oriented career moves: The Short-lived "Mr. Terrific" -just don't confuse it with that William Daniels (yes he was Mr. Feeney too) series, "Captain Nice." Oh, yeah, and check out the rest of this site... it has a metric ton of weird TV stuff... including info about Chicago's Bozo Show and happy memories of the night Chicago's PBS 11 was hacked into!

Memorable Television

Is a great site for learning about not just the Golden age of Television, but also British and Canadian TV.  The site contains a wealth of TV show links.

Welcome to Stammtisch Beau Fleuve!

First of all, I'd like to quote Dr. Evil: Riiiiigght. Secondly I'd like to say that the reason I've linked this site is because they have been kind enough to link me twice. Thirdly, I'd like to say that this place is a dictionary of sorts and it has a few Smartian entries: 86, 99, and (where I'm linked) Control and Kaos. Now, before you check this site out, I would like to point out that I deleted my Get Smart & Doors Midis that were on this site BEFORE I knew this place existed!

My Main Man's Cartoons I *heart* cartoonists -especially this one! Here lies my hubby Tony's collection of published political cartoons.

Saber's Buffy Site At my co-evil Saber Shadow Kitten's site you can read fic galore from Buffy, Smallville, Harry Potter and more!