Other Smartian Story Sites!

Welcome to my big fat story link warehouse -just don't track snow in here. Below is a collection of Get Smart stories out in the wide world of cyberspace. If you have a Get Smart story or a story site, email me . at big_beatles_fanATyahoo.com (change the AT to @ cause we don't do spam bots here). I'll link you right here on this nice cozy page. If you've found a Get Smart story or site that isn't listed here, let me know.

And now with out further adieu, the links:

My Favorite Shows!!
The bulk of Gina's site features her very own Get Smart scripts based on the 1995 Fox Get Smart series. Gina, however, has named the long lost female Smart twin, given her a job at Control and she has made Zack Smart resemble his parents. (If you thought Andy Dick resembled either Feldon or Adams, I encourage an eye exam) All are exiting reads and better by miles than Fox's format.

The Get Smart Fan Fiction Notebook
Ashley's site has fan fic that features the twins, but has removed all remnants of The Nude Bomb and the Fox series, so rest assured, Control is Control, the Chief is back as the Chief, and there's a Kaos agent looking over my shoulder!

Talia's Get Smart Fic
Talia has a growing trove of fan fic relating to the awesome couple hood of agents 86 and 99!  They are must reads for everyone!  Her stories can be found at fanfiction.net

Do you have GS Fic, but do you also have the problem of being either not web savvy or the need of a place to host your stories? That, my fellow writers, is no longer a problem! At www. Fanfiction.net, you can post your Get Smart stories for all to read without knowing a stitch of HTML.

Aaron's Script Page
Aaron, who's site was the first to feature Get Smart stories, writes scripts based on Fox's Get Smart series. I guarantee it is great work and order you to read it!!!! Go, go and read -just don't come home late.

Right Here
Is the link to the infamous Get Smart divorce story. I give it a 'W' for weird as I find it impossible to believe that 99 would divorce 86. Of course the FOX network thought otherwise when they were initially creating their series.