What's New on This Site?

Well... this page for instance is.... Check this page to see exactly what & when I have added something!

New stuff includes:

Bye-bye fan fic list(1-29-21) YahooGroups, after pairing down its offerings in 2019, completely pulled the plug in December 2020. Therefore, the fan fic list is no longer.

Site-wide updates(9-9-20) The site is in the midst of a re-design. Be sure to follow the socials for more updates. Twitter: @theshoephone Instagram: @ilovegetsmart

Reference Guide and housekeeping(9-30-09) I added a sixth page of misc. articles to the Reference Guide. I've also been doing some links housekeeping to reflect the loss of Geocities.

Amanda made a pretty(8-13-08) The Get Smart page has a new design plus there is a page on DVDs

The Get Smart movie(7-2-08) Updates have been made to the Get Smart movie section, including my review of the movie.

Eddie Hice page (6-1-08) A page on Don's stunt double Eddie Hice is here.

The Ladies of Control (2-22-08) I have added a new page --The Ladies of Control. I've also removed the geocities counters on my site as they keep getting screwed up through some mysterious evil force.

The Movie Page (7-5-07) Shock of all shocks... I updated the movie page!

Reference Guide Update/Housekeeping (5-6-07) The fifth page of Get Smart clippings is here! Links have been updated as well.

Reference Guide Update/Housekeeping (12-1-06) I've done some updating, some house cleaning and have added more random Get Smart clippings to the Miscellaneous Articles section. There are now four whole pages to that section! Soon there will be a fifth page!

New Page/Housekeeping (3-9-06) I've added a Don Adams tribute of sorts and thanks to Super Smartian Sue there is a lovely new picture of the Sacred Cows on the Sacred Cows Fan Page. There was also some minor housekeeping done throughout the site.

Fan Fiction Update (1-07-06) No, this is not a new fic. It's a repaired fic. In S...Is For a Lot of Things somehow part three repeated itself in the place of chapter four and the real chapter four was missing. Well that issue has been corrected. Yes, there is a real Chapter Four.

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99! Mrs. Smart's spot in Amanda's cyberspace has a long way to go before it's finally unclassified.

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