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Reference Guide Update (12-19-05) I added a new section of Miscellaneous Articles to the Reference Guide and a new article

99's Hall of Hush Update(11-21-05) The sounds page (99's Hall of Hush) and the Bill Dana page is in a new home www.geocities.com/big_beatles_fan so that means don't go looking for it in it's old place. It won't be there. I've spruced up those pages and added a few new pics to the Bill Dana section.

Movie Update (11-4-05) This update is actually less on "new" news and more on the editorializing.

A Domain Name! (10-8-05) You're probably thinking AKKKKK! What the &$#@! happened to this site? It's not where it used to be! Well change your bookmarks and links pages ladies and gents! The Unclassified Get Smart Site has moved to www.ilovegetsmart.com! With that move comes no ads!!!! Yay! More bandwidth! Yay! And more room! Yay! Plus, ilovegetsmart.com is easy to remember 'cause we all love Get Smart...right? If by chance you find any broken links email me. Hopefully everything is here... but accidents happen.

A 99 Update (9-20-05) No this is not a dream. I really did complete one third of the 99 section. I've added the section on 99's Closet. In other news GS will be coming out on DVD likely sometime in 2006.

A new page! (6-26-05) A new page devoted to one of the prop guns used by Max has been added.

Movie Update (5-25-05)I've updated the movie site with the "What's Up with the Get Smart Movie" section.

Housekeeping (4-7-05) Redesign work has begun.

Reference Guide update (3-18-05) There are two new news articles in the newspaper section of the reference guide -one on Don and one on Barbara. Also, I'vve cleaned house on the links page. If your site is not there, it's because it's been down for over a year.

Reference Guide update (2-4-05) It only took about forever, but I finally finished my reference guide update. In addition to the stuff added last week, I've posted a big fan mag article on Don Adams and have updated the books sections.

Reference Guide update (1-26-05) New articles have been added to the reference guide.

Collectible Figure Page update (11-24-04) The elusive 99 Knockoff doll has been added to the Collectible Figure Page I posted in May.

A new fan fic link has been added (9-23-04) I've added a new site and tried to clean house in the GSFF links. Also there is a petition to be signed on the main page for getting Smart on DVD.

The Get Smart Collectible Figure Page is here (5-5-04) That's right kids, now there's a page for Get Smart dolls!

Reference Guide Updates (3-25-04) Well, I did a bunch of little things... added a new entry to books, added some graphics on that page, blah, blah, blah. I also added two new articles -one on Cecily Adams from her Star Trek days and my column on the GS Gathering. There's also a slight update to the fan fic list guidelines.

Housekeeping (3-5-04) This is a long overdue update  --I've fixed the links pages, updated the comic book prices, and made other little fixes. On a sad note, Cecily Adams (Don's daughter & Moogie of Trekkie lore) passed on this Wednesday due to lung cancer. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Reference Guide Update (12-12-03) There are two new items in the reference guide - a word find and an article.

Gathering Update (12-8-03) Yes, folks, the Get Smart Gathering pages have been added! Weee! You can see pics from the events and read my account of the whole mini-vacation to L.A.

Kaotic Update (10-5-03) The Kaos Agent of the month has been added. Sorry so late on that... I've been too busy for my own good. *sigh* On the same token there won't be a Mystery Picture this month because I ran out of pictures. But don't fret, there will be one next month. 

Informational Updates (8-8-03) A banner on the Get Smart Gathering has been added and I've updated the FAQ page! Please read the FAQ! I've also fixed links -careful, a few are missing!

Monthly Updates (8-1-03) Max's Mystery Picture Contest has been updated with last month's answers and winners and there's a new pic! Plus the there's a new Kaos Agent of the Month and a small update to the movie page.

Max's Cars! (7-22-03) Now there's a whole page dedicated to the mighty cars of Maxwell Smart.

Reference Guide Update (7-12-03) There is a new clipping in Magazine section one!

Kaos Update (7-9-03) Now there's a new Kaos Download page! Ooooh! There are also new items in the reference guide! BTW, would you believe this site is four years old? WoW. 

Monthly Update (7-1-03) Max's Mystery Picture Contest is baaaaack! So is the Kaos Agent of the month!

Reference Guide Update (6-10-03) There's new articles in the magazine section -on both Don Adams and Barbara Feldon!

Fan Fic Finale (4-22-03)  The Epilogue of S... Is for a Lot of Things is here! Go to the Contents Page and read!  If you've missed the rest of the serial, now's the time to get your Unclassified GS fan fic fill because that's the end O' the fic. For Real.

Interviews (3-12-03) Yes, interviews! A GS fan has provided us with her very own Get Smart article, with nice new juicy tid-bits from Leonard Stern and a few other names tied in with all things smart.

Reference Guide Update (2-22-03) More new articles in the magazine section! More secrets of Barbara Feldon revealed!

Fan Fic Update (1-26-03) Behold! A fan fic update! Part Five of S... Is for a Lot of Things is here! Go to the Contents Page and check it out!  If you've missed earlier parts of the serial, I'd suggest curling up and reading them!

Housekeeping (1-1-03) Monthly updates are off this month. I'm still submerged in the Kaos of moving. There will be a small degree of housekeeping going on. Mystery picture winners are posted, but there will be no mystery picture for January.

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