Maxwell Smart's Gun Cabinet

Classified Information: The Armalite AR-7

If we peeked in Max's gun cabinet or even the Control weapon's closet, what would we find? Possibly an Armalite AR-7. Thanks to fan Tim Inwood we now have pictures of the AR-7! 

The Armalite AR-7 .22 rifle was made to resemble a Thompson Submachine gun. An avid gun collector, TimMax and the Armalite AR-7 picked up the rifle quite a few years ago at a gun show. Gun Collectors, said Tim, tend to shun anything that is not in factory original condition and this gun was very different than a standard AR-7 rifle. In all his years of collecting he had never seen anything like this. 

Tim said at first he was skeptical when the man he bought the gun from told him it had been on Get Smart. He grew up watching Get Smart and did not remember the gun from the show. Neither do I. *scratches head*

Then a clue turned up --Tim found a magnet in a Half Price Book Store in Dayton Ohio, showing Max holding the gun. Oh! That picture! That magnet was released as part of a set in the late 1990s. I've seen the magnets and the actual 8 by 10 of that image on Ebay.

Tim said the AR-7 was originally made to be sold to the air force as a survival rifle. However, a few were bought but never officially adopted. The gun did see success in 60s spy movies. James Bond carries an AR-7 in his brief case in "From Russia With Love." He and Kareem Bey use the gun to shoot the assassin escaping from behind an Anita Ekberg billboard. 

On top is Max's version of the Armalite AR-7 and on the bottom is the standard AR-7 



Above are two close-ups of the guns. Yes, you may look but you can't touch.