99's Closet

And now The Unclassified Get Smart Site brings you a peek into the colorful world of Agent 99's wardrobe! The contents of 99's closet were stylish and mod. At the same time some of her outfits probably raised a few eyebrows. 

Interestingly enough, 99's style tended to change with each season of the show. Whether that is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. 

Below is a collection of some of Mrs. Smart's apparel. This page, however, is only a glimpse into 99's closet. I may add to this as I see fit, but keep in mind it's not meant to show every outfit.


The Early Years


In the earlier seasons, 99 had a sleek bob, wore lots of little suits and lots of little berets. The berets disappeared in season two. Did she get sick of little berets?



Somewhere around the second season 99 wore her hair short -kinda Vidal Sassoon looking. She also moved away from the little suits, but her fashion didn't get too far out. I prefer short hair myself, so I liked this style on her. It's fun and mod - but not gaudy.


Mod Mod 99

Looking for an example of 60s fashion? Check out season three. The outfit - red boots included - in the first two pictures was from "Super Sonic Boom." Agent 99 wore a similar outfit (right) in "Run Robot Run." At right is a bright orange suit, also worn in "Run Robot Run." 


The Married Years


The fourth and fifth season brought us the pant suit. There's the tried and true form of the pant suit in the first picture --99 had a pile of these in the later episodes. Also there's the more poppy version of the pant suit in the second picture. Barbara Feldon wore that particular green and white outfit in an episode of Laugh In

99 also wore a lot of blouses and slacks in the last two seasons. Sometimes, like in the image shown at right, from "I am Curiously Yellow," she combines the suit with the blouse.


Thing's I'd like to borrow or tried to copy

Anyone out there ever try to copy 99's style? Ladies, did you ever see her with an outfit you wished you could borrow? Here's what I'd like to see in my closet:


(L-R) The white gown 99 wore for her evening out in "My Nephew the Spy" got wrecked thanks to rotten Aunt Bertha. When I first saw the plaid skirt and blue blazer 99 wore in "The Groovy Guru," I thought whoa...now that's the 60s. I have a similar set of clothes in my closet. Now if only I could find the coat and skirt 99 wore in "Spy Spy Birdie."

I also loved the brief appearance 99's light blue trench (left) made in "Kaos in Control." I found a similar coat in Sears -as shown in the not-so-stellar image of yours truly on the right. Update: It's been more than a decade since I bought that coat  - it still fits :-)


99's Far Out Fashion

Barbara Feldon once said in TV Guide that 99 dresses to stop traffic. This is true, but some of 99's more "colorful" outfits may very well cause an accident. Yeah... it was the late 1960s so that opened the door for all kinds of weird things to jump off the hanger. Here's a few examples of the wilder side of 99's wardrobe.


One outfit that received quite a... reaction... among Get Smart fans out in cyberspace was the pantsuit 99 wore in "99 Loses Control" as shown above. Did she lose control when she pulled this out of her closet or was she just trying to scare Victor Royal? The pattern would have been fine for a top or dress, but one oddly shaped unit? Nope.

The green pantsuit, shown at right, was that "something a little more comfortable" 99 slipped into in "Two Sire With Love." IHMO, this is the weirdest thing she ever wore. Even Max looks like he wants to ask her what she's wearing.

And Smartian Jodi Goldfinger can't stand this wacky outfit. And I can't blame her for not liking it. This outfit, which appeared in "Operation Ridiculous" is pretty bad. I wonder why I forgot about it? Perhaps I was trying to repress a bad memory.


Now the above outfits are pretty unique, but they're not scary. 99 wore the Giraffe Dress in "The Worst Best Man" --and no, Max, she doesn't have any glue on her. I like the black and gold sequin suit she wore in "The King Lives." And then there are the occasions where 99 donned a blonde wig - like in "Casablanca."

Finally, who could forget 99's wedding gown -- and that strange floral bridal helmet. The gown is lovely, but the head piece... uh....

99's wedding gown received quite a bit of attention. It was featured on a TV Guide cover and Don Adams and Barbara Feldon appeared in the 1969 Rose Parade in their wedding clothes.