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Updates for 1999

All kinds of Updates!(12-25-99)A new Kaos page, a links update, and a new article in the reference guide. Sorry, I can't give out individual scans of this article since it is in a thousand pieces.

New Guestbook!(12-8-99)Since my old guestbook was being naughty, and wouldn't let anybody sign it, I got a new one! Check it out and leave your mark!

Update to the reference guide!(11-25-99)Added a new article to this section & fixed an idiotic error I'd rather not discuss here.

Update to the reference guide!(11-16-99)Yet another update to this section, I've added an article, fixed an article, and tore my hair out. Graphics were added too.

Update to the reference guide!(11-9-99)Added two old articles for educational & entertainment purposes. Yes, they include the original typos & pics.

Sounds have been added (11-1-99)

Chat& mailing list info added (11-1-99)

New Pictures in the Favorite Episodes Section(10-26-99)

Update to "About the Webmaster"(10-21-99)Yes this page actually works and we should all be very scared because of it!

A Quiz!(10-18-99)Although this quiz may be trivial, it has nothing to do with trivia! Check it out HERE! and kill me later.

Update to the reference guide!(10-13-99)A few new books and reviews have been added to this page.

The Site Map! (10-7-99) Yes, isn't it lovely :p The map is working, but some of the icons are dead links at the moment. Bear with me, and eventually something will be there.

Weird! (10-7-99) Weird and warped pics of Agent 86 -found only in my pictures section!

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