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Updates for 2000

Last update of the year!(12/31/00) I added a FAQ and the wee little beginnings of the "Max" page.

Mega Reference Guide Update!(12/8/00)A new comic, an awesome new clipping in the misc. articles, and loads of other tid bits!

Part Three of No Time for Spies!(10/11/00)The third segment of No Time for Spies is present and accounted for! Check it out!

Guidelines for the Fic List added (10/4/00)

Part Two of No Time for Spies! (9/28/00) That's right, the long awaited second part of my Get Smart Fan Fic serial is up and running! If your interested in more Get Smart stories, Join the Get Smart FanFic Mailing List

The Return of the Smartian Controversies (9/9/00) Yes, the controversies have returned... with a vengeance!

Ref Guide Update (8/13/00) A new article and a new comic was added to the ref guide, plus some housekeeping to the Bill Dana page was done.

The Bill Dana Page was added (8/11/00)

Fan Fic is Here!(8/8/00)

Ref Guide update(8/5/00)A new clipping and a new magazine article was added

New Sounds(7/29/00) three news sounds: two are from 99 and one is the 1970 Get Smart Theme

Housekeeping(7/20/00) 1. New Image Map for the "Home" page. 2. New Links. 3. New Comic book added to the reference guide.

Reference Guide Redux(7/9/00) The Ref Guide has a brand new look and feel. Plus I've added info on the comic books.

New Article(6/16/00)New additions to the Reference Guide: A clipping in the Misc. Articles and an article from the National Enquirer.

New Picture Page!(6/10/00)Brand new picture page added plus an addition to the Reference Guide.

New Ref. Guide Article(6/6/00)

Housekeeping(5/29/00)One, I added a mailing list for updates on my page. Two, I added a new article to the reference guide, and finally, I spruced up the Chat/Mailing list page and added a pic of Bill Bradley.

New Pics(5/27/00) New Pics have been sprinkled through out the site. This is no update to sneeze at considering I was disconnected from the net 10 times in the process.

Update to the Reference Guide (5/25/00)Yet another groovy news article was added as well as online articles. The links page was updated too.

Update to the Reference Guide (5/23/00) An newspaper article on Don Adams was added.

Update to the Kaos site and the Reference Guide(5-18-00)) A tad was added to the movie page and a TV Guide article on Don Adams was added.

Update to the Kaos site(5-10-00)new page on movies & a new pic in the controversies.

Update to the ref guide. (3-24-00)Finally got The Get Smart! Files.

New Article to the ref guide on the art of Don Adams. (3-16-00)

New sounds added!(3-3-00)

Update to the Controversies! (2-27-00)An new debate has been added: Which Handbook is the real Handbook?

Update to the Reference Guide! (2-25-00)Get Smart bridge articles added as well as a section for miscellaneous articles.

New Article! (1-16-00) A new article on Barbara Feldon added to the reference Guide

Update of the Millennium!(1-10-00)A Get Smart controversy page

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