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Updates for 2002

Fan Fic Update (1-26-03) Behold! A fan fic update! Part Five of S... Is for a Lot of Things is here! Go to the Contents Page and check it out!  If you've missed earlier parts of the serial, I'd suggest curling up and reading them!

Housekeeping (1-1-03) Monthly updates are off this month. I'm still submerged in the Kaos of moving. There will be a small degree of housekeeping going on. Mystery picture winners are posted, but there will be no mystery picture for January.

A Very Merry Monthly Update (12-1-02) Well here's something shocking: I updated not just Max's Mystery Picture Contest and the Kaos Agent of the Month, but also the Get Smart News-board! 

Part Two Monthly Update (11-8-02) Finally!  The all new Kaos Agent of the Month is here!  I've struggled and fought major wars to get this online... uh... would you believe I battled a time management problem?  Anyway... go here and see it!

Part One Monthly Update (11-1-02) A new picture for Max's Mystery Picture Contest is posted as are last months winners!  Go play! Due to a little thing called "real life" the Kaos Agent of the Month will be late.

Reference Guide Update (10-29-02) A slew of magazine articles have been added to Magazines Part One

Reference Guide Update (10-10-02) A new feature on Ms. Barbara Feldon has been added to Magazines Part One

Monthly Madness Updates (10-1-02) Day three of this crazy string of updates brings the new Kaos Agent of the Month and the new picture for Max's Mystery Picture Contest.  Go play -it'll be a hootnanny!  Last month'ss winners are posted as is the solution to that picture.

Reference Guide Update (9-30-02) This folks, is one major Reference Guide Update.  It's nothing to sneeze at!  Magazines Part One now has eight new items to peruse!  

Pointless Picture Update (9-29-02) Hi there, I should be doing something else right now -like sleeping or reading scripture.  Instead, I'm on a wasteful whim and have updated the first picture page and the third set of smartian controversies.  I've added a pic to each page.  Why?  Ya got me.  *wonders if anyone even looks at those pages* 

Fan fiction Update (9-22-02) Let's hear it for repaired laptops!  Part Four of "S... is for a Lot of Things" is here and ready to be read.  Go to the Contents Page and check it out!  Of course, if you've missed earlier parts of the serial, you're just going to have to sit back and read those!

Hazel Housekeeping Update (9-21-02)  Here's what happens when the Fuller Brush Woman drops by The Unclassified Get Smart Site:  1. The books section in the Reference Guide gets a sweep up.  I've cleaned up the page and broken it into two parts just as I did with the magazines.  2.  Links get updated -the link to Ishaan's Get Smart page of Get Smart links has been fixed.  3. News Board gets a few fixes -new GS air times are on their way.

Monthly Updates (9-1-02) Yep, it's that time again!  The new Kaos Agent of the Month is here as is the new picture for Max's Mystery Picture Contest!  Go play!  Last month's winners are posted as is the solution to that picture.

Reference Guide Update (8-30-02) The Reference has gone through a slight face lift.  Miscellaneous Articles has been broken into two pages.  The same goes for Magazine Articles as there is now a page for articles from 1959-1980 and a page for articles from 1980 and beyond.  A new clipping is in the second Misc. Articles page and new magazine articles are in the 1980+ magazine section.

Fan fiction Update (8-18-02) Guess what?  I've posted Part Three of "S... is for a Lot of Things."  Go to the Contents Page and check it out!  If you've missed earlier parts of the serial, pour yourself some lemonade and take a look at those!

Updates! Updates! Updates! (8-1-02) New for August is our recipient of the  Kaos of the Month Awards!  Also, there is a new picture for Max's Mystery Picture Contest!  Go play!  Last months winners have been added to the Hall of Fame.  FWIW, I've added a page about how to link me if you're dying to link me and want a pretty banner as part of the package.

Fan fiction Update (7-15-02) Holy Fanfic, Batman! I've posted Part Two of "S... is for a Lot of Things."  Go to the Contents Page and check it out -or check out the previous parts if you've missed them.

Wagon Train of Updates (7-2-02) It's a Bonanza of all new stuff!!!  First of all, in The Kaos Page can now be found the Kaos Agent of the Month Awards!!!  Find out more here.  Also, off of the main page is Max's Mystery Picture Contest -a new monthly game.  Click here to play.

Fan fiction Update (6-27-02)  As an altruistic gesture on my birthday, I've posted Part One of "S... is for a Lot of Things."  If you go to the Contents Page you can read it and/or catch up on reading the prologue.  Also, I've updated the news board with new GS air times for the USA.  

Myriad of Updates (6-12-02)  There are times when I update my site that I really do think I need a cornea replacement -and this is one of those times (OUCH!).  Here's what's been done recently:  I fixed up the "About the Webmaster" page with some updated info and a new pic. Also, I added the prologue to a new story, "S... is for a Lot of Things."  And... and... I won a Smartie award for Best Comedy Fan Fiction!  Read all about it on the main page!

Reference Guide Update (6-5-02) There is a new cartoon clipping in the miscellaneous articles and, most importantly, I've updated the Get Smart comic book prices.  The good news is that if you own any Get Smart comics, they're worth more.  The bad news is if you don't own any and want some, they now cost more.  Be sure and check out the comic book page and take stock of your comics!

Get Smart Fan Fic Mailing List Update (6-3-02) I've updated the guidelines for the GSFF mailing list.  If you are on the list or are considering joining, please read the rules!

New Smartian Controversies! (5-31-02) At last I have an actual new addition to this site! There is a whole new page of controversies here.  Also, there have been updates and fixes to the other controversy pages. 

Facelift and Reference Guide Update (5-16-02) Yes, it's that time of year again... that time where I toy with the front page of the site.  Methinks this one is cleaner and quicker loading. Also, there are two new magazine articles in the reference guide  Also, I am now Amanda Haverstick B.A.  and that college degree was brought to me by the the letters P, U, R, D, U, & E.

Housekeeping and news (4-11-02) There's new collectible/toy news on the News Board!  

Fan Fic Update (3-15-02) Part 4 of  The Park Central Affair has been posted! Yes, this one's the conclusion so be sure and read it.  I've also updated the links some more and have added a new attraction to the "Coming Attractions" page.

Housekeeping (3-10-02) The Internet giveth and the internet taketh away.... Such is the case with a certain cluster of Get Smart sites.  As you will find in the fan fic links and general links, there are web pages that have vanished.  Still, since I was quite fond of those sites, I'm leaving them there until I can come to grips with deleting them.  These sites, BTW, are noted as such.

News board Update (2-28-02) I dollied up the Get Smart news page -a lot.  You should take a look!  You might miss something if you don't!

Max Page Completion (2-18-02) By George, the Max Page, which began three years ago, is done.  The final section is on Max himself.  Featured on this page -aside from words- are a few of my old sketches and one new one.  The older the sketches, the scarier.  Brace yourself. 

The Amanda is an Idiot Update (2-3-02)  I must be having an "issue" with titles.  I've found in numerous places on this site that I've tried to call The Park Central Affair the Park Central Problem.  Since I was going for a small jab at The Man From UNCLE's episode titling habits, the story in question is now and forever The Park Central Affair -and the headers on each page have been changed accordingly.

Fan Fic Update (2-3-02) Part 3 of  The Park Central Affair has been posted!  Weeeee!!! Check it out!  Also, there is a WebRings page which I have been fighting with during this week's lovely ice storm.  Some of the rings are functioning and some are not due to the business of musical servers.

Picture Update (1-25-02) There is a new Picture Page and it's nothing to sneeze at -especially since I went through a box of Kleenex and half a bottle of Vicks 44M between now and the last update.

Reference Guide Update (1-21-02)  If Kaos found a way to infect the world with whatever virus I've been toying with for the past week...  Control and all of good-guy-dom would have some terrific delusions -and a not so terrific fever.  But seriously...  Aside from throwing my back out while coughing, I've added in this update 3 articles to the reference guide.  Two are new and one is not so new.  

99 Page Update (1-10-02) Would you believe you can click on 99's head in the image map and see more than just a file 404?  Yes, by golly you can!  The 99 page now has a face to it... that, however, is all it has.

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