Top Secret Pictures!

No folks, this is not the same old Max on the web! I do my best to provide the most obscure visual Get Smart eye candy this side of cyberspace. With this goal in mind, I have graced this portion of my site with piles and piles of pictures!  Click on the table at the top of each page for slick and smooth navigation!

The very special Smartian guest-star corner:

Don Adams' wife, Dorothy Bracken, above, served as 99's bridesmaid in With Love and Twitches. Producer Mace Neufeld, left, who was Adams' talent manager played a member of the wedding party that was more than willing to jump in the fight before the ceremony.

Don Adams convinced his friend James Caan, above, to do an episode of Get Smart. Caan appeared uncredited as Rupert of Rathskeller in the two part episode, To Sire With Love. Caan is best known for appearing in films such as Brian's Song and The Godfather.

Above is former pro-basketball player, former U.S. senator and former presidential candidate for the democratic ticket, Bill Bradley. Apparently he's either practicing vetoing bills or trying to find a tactful way out of Agent 86's wedding. Next is Jamie Farr (Maxwell Klinger of MASH) aiding Max and 99 in finding just the right Herb Talbot record. It seems that he preferred Neru jackets before he started wearing crinolines.
Above is Leonard Nimoy in the highly illogical role of Kaos Agent Stryker.  Is a mind meld in order to explain our favorite Vulcan's violent past? At the far left in this picture is the one and only Hugh Hefner!  Oddly he doesn't look too thrilled about how all of Control was brought together under one elevator.  Perhaps there wasn't enough room for him to smoke his pipe...