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Updates for 2001

Fan Fiction Update (12-25-01) Parts One and Two of The Park Central Problem have been posted!  Check out Max and 99's new adventure starting in the Contents Page!

Sounds Update (12-21-01) After much hoo-ha and heck, I have re-vamped 99's Hall of Hush.  It has a new homepage and 4 new sounds -two of which are from a very young Don Adams. 

Fan Fic Update (12-12-01) I've updated the Guidelines for the Get Smart Fan Fic Mailing List.  If you're a member of that list, you should check it out.

Max Page Update! (12-7-01) Max's resume is here -at last!  Check out Mr. Smart's many fine skills here.  Also, I've done a little housekeeping throughout the site.

Reference Guide Update (11-30-01) Bummed I am, today -as are many Beatles fans.  There is a cartoon about the Cone of Silence in the Mics. Articles section of the Reference Guide -that should provide a chuckle... a snicker perhaps.

The Amanda is an Idiot Update (11-11-01) For some stupid reason, I forgot to update the Chat/Fans/Mailing Lists page after Chief Carl's listserve moved from Listbot to Yahoo.  Anywho, that page is now fixed and better than ever.

Reference Guide Update (11-8-01)  Hey, looky thar!  I finally got with it and updated the Reference Guide!  There are a couple of new goodies in the magazine section -the highlight of which is a 1962 local TV Guide with a youthful Don Adams gracing the front cover.  I also added a new link to the the links page.

Housekeeping (11-1-01) There's something to be said for cutbacks... but it would be wrong of me to curse on this G-rated (WYB, PG-13?) site -so I won't talk about cutbacks. Blah.  I've changed some things around and removed other things due to file size.  When I'm rich and famous and can afford to pay for more bandwidth, those things may return. I have, however, granted the fan fic section with a new link! 

New Fan Fic (10-19-01) There is an excerpt from one of the "coming attractions" called The Park Central Affair.  Check out the Coming Attractions page for more details.

Handy-man Update (10-9-01) Would you believe I took a wrong turn at the hiatus?  There is a new link in the links and a new book in the books.  

This 'n That Update (10/1/01) New wavs have been added to the sounds and new articles are in the Reference Guide.  Excuse me, I must now go on hiatus so that I can curl up in the fetal position, suck my thumb, and ponder current the job market for English majors.

Fix-it Shop Update (9/19/01) I have added new links in the fan fic and Get Smart links. Also, I have made additions to the FAQ page -remember to read the FAQ before you email me!!! Finally, if you click on the U.S. flag on the main page... that will take you to some thoughts relating to September 11.

Reference Guide Update (9/17/01) A slew of new articles are in the Reference Guide

The Conclusion of the Fic serial is posted!(9/11/01)"Part 8 of No Time for Spies" is here! Yep, that's it folks! Make sure you read it so you know where Max stands in terms of the past, present, and future!

Handyman Update(9/4/01) There have been some technical fixes to one of the picture pages -yes now those with messed up monitors can see the pictures properly!

Reference Guide Update (8/27/01) More articles have been added to the Magazine section.

Handy-man Update (8/26/01) Due to the fact that I and the main directory of this site were not getting along, all magazine and news articles will now be found in a sub-directory titled "articles" -not that this info really matters.

More Reference Guide Updates(8/22/01) Yes, more! One was intentional, one was fortuitous, and one was a big big booboo. Aside from a few new additions in Books and Magazines, there have been some logistical fixes

Reference Guide Update(8/20/01) I have added a rather lengthy 60s magazine article on Don Adams, as well as a wee little TV Guide clipping from last month.

A Poll(8/11/01) I've added a poll to the fan fic page! Go check it out and vote!

Part 7 of the Fic serial is posted!(8/09/01)"Part 7 of No Time for Spies" is here! Only one more part until the Grand Finale!

The Sound Section(7/18/01)This section has been fixed and polished! It even looks different! I've replaced some of the old Get Smart wavs with better sounding ones and I've also added an MP3 of the CBS theme to Get Smart.

The Bill Dana Show(7/17/01) I have refined and refinished this page so that it darn near sparkles! There are new pictures and a pile of MP3s and they can all be found via the Bill Dana page which is located in The Kaos Page.

The Sacred Cows(7/10/01) The Kaos rock band, The Sacred Cows, now have their own cyberspace home in the Kaos Page!

Another Johnny Janitor Update(7/3/01)Aside from doing a lot of Link fixing, the most important piece of news is the shut down of Listbot. Since Listbot has decided to close it's doors to people wanting free lists, the Update Mailing List and The Get Smart Fan Fiction List have both moved to Yahoo Groups. If you were on those lists and somehow got lost in the shuffle, please join back up. If you'd like to join either of those lists, by all means join!

Housekeeping (6/24/01)

The Revenge of The Smartian Controversies!(6/14/01)The controversies are back and they're in the Kaos Page! Also, I've done some minor housekeeping and have added a new link to the fan fic links.

The Man Behind Smart is here!(6/4/01) Finally! *sigh* This is the Don Adams bio in the Max Page on this site. Click on "The Man Behind Smart" in either the image map or the links and you're in business!

Part 6 of the Fic serial now here!(5/30/01)"Part 6 of No Time for Spies" is here! You bet your bippy it's here, so get comfy and join Max in his pursuit of the time machine!

Part 5 of the Fic serial is posted!(5/24/01) Part Five of "No Time for Spies" is here! In that event, I strongly urge you to read it!!!!

Reference Guide Update(5/21/01) I have added Two New TV Guide Articles -one's a vintage must read, the other is out of the other week's issue. Also, the Miscellaneous Article Outpost has had a layout overhaul and 3 weird Feldon clippings have been added

New Pictures!(5/19/01) New pictures have been added to the very first picture page... one is of Leonard Nimoy... the other is of the groovy Max beanie bear. Also, I've finally added a pic to the second controversy page of that kooky oil painting of 99.

Lunchboxes!(5/15/01)Wee! The Lunchbox Page is here! Go see!

Housekeeping(5/8/01) New Links have been added and clarifications have been made to the FAQ.

Quicker Pictures!(5/8/01)Yessir, Phase Four of my site revamp is complete. Pictures now download a heck of a lot faster -of course those of you with cable modems and DSL pro'lly won't give a darn, but dial-up surfers won't have to wait 'till Fasching rolls around again for a picture to load!

New Homepage Look!(4/20/01) Yes, now the homepage looks all pretty and polished -all at the sacrifice of my paper on Marlowe!

New Logo!(4/18/01) Yes folks, that's a "logo" on the top of each page (except for reference guide articles) and it links back to the "Home" page of my Get Smart site. Also, I've added two new links, one in the fan fic links and one in the Get Smart site links. Check 'em out!

Fanfic Housekeeping(4/11/01)Wee... I added descriptions in the "contents" page to each part of the serial!

Handy-man Navigation Update(4/9/01)I added a groovy navigation bar to the bottom of each page. Clicking on the appropriate word will take you to your desired destination.

Picture Update(4/4/01) The Picture gallery has been clean up with easier navigation and slightly less disorder.

Yet Another Handy-man Update(4/3/01) Would you believe the Fuller Brush Woman? I've made a small assortment of fixes that pro'lly won't be noticed but will be appreciated.

Handy-man Update(3/27/01)Housekeeping -including fixes to this page!

Movie Page Update(3/3/01)New movie news and some other housekeeping.

Reference Guide Update(2/19/01) A new Barbara Feldon article has been added as well as other goodies! Check out the Reference Guide to see just what they are!

Update Galore -sorta(2/7/01) A Barbara Feldon article has been added to the reference guide. Plus, I changed the intro fanfic page 'cause I didn't like it. I still don't like it, so, blah! Also, I added a Fanfic link page!!!

Coupla' tid-bits(1/28/01) There a new sound to be heard and a new link! Woohoo!

Update to the Reference Guide(1/27/01) Now the comic book page is neater with a neat new table!

Update to the Reference Guide(1/16/01)

Part Four of No Time for Spies!(1/5/01) The fourth segment of No Time for Spies is now on the web! Check it out!

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