The Many Jobs of Maxwell Smart

If Maxwell Smart had a LinkedIn profile, what would it look like? What experience would he have? Do we really want to know this? The following is a list of covers and bogus occupations that Agent 86 held while working at Control.

Now, that is a Dancer!

Max the Electrician

"The Bum"

Max the Jealous -er Chauffer

Prince Max?

Friz Braun -dedicated German scientist

Maxwell Smart a.k.a. the fifth Beatle. Would you believe sixth?

Flamenco dancers, Conchita and Conchata

Major Kessler -the Beast of the East

Job Description


A student School Days
Ballet Dancer Our Man In Leotards
Electrician Our Man In Leotards
Doctor Satan Place; A Man Called Smart (parts 2&3); Tequila Mocking Bird; Physician Impossible
Bum Double Agent
Gardener Kisses for Kaos; What's it All About, Algie?
Chauffer Kisses for Kaos
Pool Hustler The Dead Spy Scrawls
A Colonel All in the Mind
A Kaos Agent Stake out on Blue Mist Mountain; Cutback at Control
Newspaper Critic Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
A Mannequin Shipment to Beriut
A Swimming Trainer Last One in is a Rotten Spy
Safe Cracker Maxwell Smart Alias Jimmy Ballantine
A Reporter The Greatest Spy on Earth
A Restoration Artist Bronzefinger
Beauty Pageant Judge The Girls From Kaos
A Prince The Man From Yenta
Construction Worker Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Scientist Pussycats Galore
Flamenco Dancer Viva Smart
Gangster That Old Gang of Mine; The Secret of Sam Vittorio
Biker The Mild Ones
A King The King Lives; To Sire With Love (parts 1 &2)
A Hippie The Groovy Guru
Waiter Don't Look Back
Bodyguard 99 Loses Control
An Ice Cream Man The Hot Line; Strike While the Agent is Hot
A Ping-Pong Champ Die Spy
A Trumpet Player The Impossible Mission
A Charlie Chaplin Impersonator The Impossible Mission
Santa Claus A Tale of Two Tales
Spy School Instructor A Tale of Two Tales
A Navy Ensign Temporarily Out of Control
An Actor Hooray for Hollywood
Window Washer Absorb the Greek
A Truck Driver Shock it to Me
A former SS officer The Not So Great Escape (part 1)
A Pianist Pheasant Under Glass
Customs Official Valerie of the Dolls
A Prospector The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
Armored Truck Driver The Treasure of C. Errol Madre; Do I Hear a Vaults?
Sound Effects Man (that's a Foley Artist) Moonlighting Becomes You
An Animal Trainer The Apes of Wrath

A Janitor

Age Before Duty

A Valet

How Green Was My Valet

Greeting Card Salesmen*

Snoopy Smart vs the Red Baron, And Baby Makes Four, et. al.

* Max's general cover was that he was a greeting card salesmen for the Pontiac Greeting Card company. This cover, used in numerous episodes, probably wouldn't have paid him enough money for salami on a Sunday.

I have omitted: Smart appearing in a Chicken Suit, the time he lied to his relatives about working in a shoe store, his stint as a female mourner, the many missions where he pretended to be Bogart, his experience as a prisoner, the times he posed as a vacationer, and when he dressed up as Hitler.

Playing Hitler won't cut it on the job market ->

Winner(s) of the Honorable Mention award (would you believe "Participant"?): In Survival of the Fattest, Max claims he is the following: an oil company president, a calling card manufacturer, a toy manufacturer, and a munitions manufacturer. Unfortunately, Mary Jack Armstrong didn't put much stock in Mr. Smart's resume.

Fun Fact: Max's most frequent chore was that of a doctor. With that in mind, would he make an outstanding addition to the medical staff on General Hospital? Uh... Diagnosis Murder?

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