Holy Cow!!!!

It's Kaos' Very Own: The Sacred Cows!

Yes they are the hottest rock n' roll group in the country -just take note that I'm not specifying exactly which country that is!

Check out their Hip-notizing album covers:

Okay, I should have you know that this was all very, very fake, but if the Scared Cows had some vinyl, what would it look like? Consider this a free for all to submit your own ideas for album covers -or album covers themselves! Just email the webmaster at Coverdesign@sacredcow.com

The Real Truth about the Sacred Cows:

There was no such band in real life! The Sacred Cows were created for "The Groovy Guru" episode of Get Smart as psychedelic rock band working for Kaos.

Well, then do they have a record? A CD? An eight track? Uh... NO! For die-hard "Cow" fans the closest to hearing The Sacred Cows sing is on "The Groovy Guru" episode.

There is some sentiment of fascination swirling around this bogus group among Get Smart fans and others. The Aussie band, Painters and Dockers did their own tribute to Kill Kill Kill. Their jazzed up version features some slightly different lyrics.

What are the original lyrics to Kill Kill Kill?

Thrill, thrill, thrill

Kill, kill, kill

Make a scene

Knock off a dean

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Bump off a square

That's what it's about

Hate is in

Love is out

Kill, kill, kill

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Pete's World of Max also pays tribute to the Sacred Cows with the lyrics to the Painters and Dockers version of Kill Kill Kill.