The Ladies of Control

The Control of the late 1960s wasn't exactly the most feminine espionage outfit. In fact, the phrase "Male Bastion" could be an apt description. It's also very likely Kaos employed more female agents. Still, however few ladies there were, Agent 99 had very good company. This page is dedicated to Control's female forces.

Control Agent Description Episode Notes
Agent 11

Agent 11 aka Agnes Davenport  is a retired security agent currently residing at the Spy City retirement home. Dear Diary Ellen Corby, who played Agent 11, is better known as Grandma Walton on The Waltons.
Agent 49

Agent 49 works as a cosmetician at Brigette Beauty Salon A Tale of Two Tales
Agent 93

Agent 93 is stationed inside a sofa with Agent 13 during Tracy Dunhill's New Year's party Kisses for Kaos

Esperanza, a flamenco dancer in Mira Loma, uses electronic castanets to communicate with control. Tequila Mockingbird Esperanza's (played by Poupee Bocar) transmission to Control ends when she's caught by Kaos agents. 
Rosa La Costa

Famed opera singer Rosa La Costa also works for Control. She can hit a high note capable of breaking glass. Pheasant Under Glass
Stella Mason Mason works for overseas Control and was married to a CIA agent. Moonlighting Becomes You Mason doesn't actually appear because Max botched the mission.

Belly Dancer Tamara and her husband Tahday work for Control in Istanbul. Die Spy Tamara (played by Poupee Bocar) and Tahday are shot by Kubacheck of ACB -the third spy network.
Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon works undercover as a stripper at the Golden Rooster Summer Follies. Her inventions include the computer trumpet, the golf shoephone and magnetic golf balls. The Impossible Mission; I Shot 86 Today In the two episodes Dr. Simon appears, she is played by two different actresses -- Ann Elder and Sharon Acker.
Dr. Steele

Control's head toxicologist, Dr. Steele works as a stripper at the Folies Bergeres. Classification: Dead; The Groovy Guru; Operation Ridiculous

Note: This list does not include women Max and 99 protected or women that were informants.