Would you believe that this is where you rank amongst the Get Smart fans?

Mostly A's: What are you talking about?

More than likely, the only time you have heard the phrase "Get Smart" is the last time your dad yelled at you for not taking out the trash. You are not a Smart-o-holic nor are you even Get Smart aware. Warning: If you are ever on a game show, Get Smart related questions have been known to make appearances on "Wheel of Fortune," "Jeopardy" and, most importantly, "Win Ben Stein's Money."

Mostly B's: The Well Rounded Get Smart Watcher

You've seen the show, you've loved the show and you'd like your own shoe phone (or possibly your own Agent 99), but, most importantly, you still have a life. Remember: don't let the opening night of the new Harrison Ford movie get in the way of taping Get Smart! One slip-up and you could miss your last chance to see "The Impossible Mission" again.

Mostly C's: Full-Fledged Smartian
Your passion for Get Smart is equal to that of the Beanie-Baby-Buyer-Syndrome. Not only do you know the episodes by heart, but Maxwell Smart is a permanent fixture in your dreams! In fact, you are probably writing out a check for a $200 tin Get Smart lunchbox as you read this (either that or you are the person that shelled out 18,000 for the shoe phone). This is all well and good (as Max would say), but don't forget to include some variety in your life. Try catching a Bond movie or an old Peter Sellers flick now and then.

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