Amanda's Whacked Out FAQ

(or questions that have actually been asked answered)

(Disclaimer: If you want to read a real Get Smart FAQ, go here.  The following project on my page is an experiment on the literacy capabilities of 21st century society.  Therefore, if you email me with a question that is already answered on this page, I will delete your email.)

Is Get Smart Available on VHS? DVD? CD ROM?

I can finally answer yes to this question! Thanks to the good people of HBO and Time Life, Get Smart is available on DVD -the whole season! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The series is spiffed up and spiffed out with restored film and sound, no clipped scenes and a load of glorious bonus features. The restoration is so well done that Max looks like you could touch him.

Get Smart was also released on DVD in Germany, though it doesn't have the bells and whistles the HBO Time Life release has. An Australian release is forthcoming.

If you're seeing Get Smart videos or DVDs for sale that are not from Time Life they are simply bootlegs and probably crappy ones at that! Don't bother wasting your money buying bootlegs. They're garbage and and the people selling them are crooks.

For what it's worth, 13mmm film strips of the show have shown up on Ebay from time to time at an exorbitant opening bid. Therefore, if you're rich and have an old film projector, you're in luck.  

The only remotely Get Smart related items ever released on VHS are the movies The Nude Bomb (also available on laser disk. WoW!) and Get Smart Again. Both flicks are out of print, so you'll have to go to Ebay. Get Smart Again was released on DVD for $5.00 around Christmas 2002. This release is...weirdness. The movie comes with no extras...not even a pretty little booklet. They used to be found in Suncoast or FYE junk bins. The Nude Bomb was also released on DVD a few years back. No extras there either.

Do you have any episodes of  _____ that you could provide me with?

No.  Seriously.  Amanda's video cabinet is closed. Go buy the DVDs.

Is Get Smart being shown in the U.S.? 

METV, based out of Chicago, has been showing it randomly --usually around midnight CST Saturday. It used to be, to get that channel you had to live in the city or have a dish if you live in the suburbs or 'da region. In 2010 the channel went national so GS is available to "most markets" per their website. If you use an antenna, you can pick it up depending on what substations your local affiliates have. They did have a nice tribute marathon after Don Adams died. In terms of prior syndication. GS was shown on Nick at Nite from 1991 to 1995. TVLand began airing GS in 2001, but bumped it from their line up in 2003.

Where can I buy a Shoephone?

Since Control is not having a garage sale and AT&T is not supplying them, the only place I've seen a shoephone of sorts is on Ebay.  In the past, actual prop shoephones have been sold over Ebay -one of which grossed $18,100.00.  On a slightly cheaper note (but not by much), the Nick at Nite shoephone, which was released in 1991 by Nick at Nite, is frequently found on Ebay.  These, however, are a tough catch.  There are, for the economic set, slightly more affordable knock off shoephones also auctioned on Ebay.  They are not Get Smart merchandise, but they come in a variety of styles (pumps and sneakers galore), are touch tone and give the same thrilling feeling of talking into a shoe.

What Car did Max Drive?

Check out the car page.

What did you think of the Get Smart movie?

Meh. Let me just put it this way: I saw the movie in the theater so I could write a review on it for work. I haven't watched since. Check out my movie page to see what my rotten thoughts are on Get Smart movies in general.

Do you think producers and Hollywood types check out fan sites?

Yes and I can verify that answer in sooooo many ways.  The 'net is not ignored.  In fact, writers for the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer admitted to going on the internet and reading the "naughty" Buffy fanfic in their spare time.  If they do it for Buffy, then they can do it for Max.

Who watches this show anyway?

(ok, this is for the non-smartians) Get Smart is not just a cult classic, but an international cult classic.  Yep -the love of Max is global! Would you believe in Germany they call it "Mini-Max"?  Also, people of all ages appreciate the show.  Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT the only fan of this show.

Do you host fan fiction?

No I do not.  Please see the fan fiction links page for sites that host fan fiction.

What happened to your fan fiction?

I've discontinued fan fiction. No, I'm not sorry about that either. I'm currently concentrating on a novel I've been trying to finish for the last 800 years. Therefore, outside of my eight hour regimen of stories on shops, wrecks and government meetings, my spare time is devoted to......some kind of an epic or something....

Are there any guidelines about sending you reference guide articles?

Yes!  I have three rules about sending Reference Guide Articles:

1.  Proofread your work!  I will not proofread what you send me.  I don't have time to spell check.

2. Do not change the author's work!  If the author spelled it wrong -leave it wrong!  If he/she/it/they  had a factual error, don't correct it!

3.  Include the Title, Author, date, and Publication that the article appeared in.  If you do not know, state that it is unknown.  Sorry, I'm not going to do detective work to find out where these things came from.

Why are you so sporadic in replying to emails?

I try to reply promptly to my email, unless I determine that the emailer is trying to sell me something, ask a question that I've already answered on this page or is a troll!  Please keep in mind that I am a mere slave of the press and that gives me little time to reply right away.

What do you write for kicks? Is it online?

Unless the wide world of fiction writing comes down to solely being online and not available in any other form of media, my other writing endeavors will not have a home on the web.  I do write suspense-fiction novels centered around a trio of characters, but after several years of fiddling with them, I think they are still not ready for the public eye.  They do not mimic Get Smart and they are not comedy per se. 

Do you think you'll ever get anywhere in that line of work?

Darned if I know!  Through some strange act of a Higher Authority I managed to have a poem published in 2001 -even though poetry is not something I normally write. I also had a short story published in 2002.  Hmm...

What branch of the military were your parents in?

This is a fun fact that people get confused about.  My father was in the Navy from the late 50's and through the 60s (he went to Vietnam twice).  My mother was a Marine during the mid-60s.

Are you a touchy-feely person?

I'm German -with a dash of Russian.  That eliminates all huggy-bearness from my bloodstream.

What sort of subjects will I not find on your site?

You will not find the following (which people have actually looked for on my sites):

Wife Swapping  Interracial Swinging  Sexual Swinging  007  Power Puff Girls  Mitsubishi  Carpe Liem  Thurston Howe  Unclassified Satellite Pics  tasman  scacchi  That Girl  The Smurfs Clear Channel Communications K & N Filter Anaprox Air Miles Swinging parties Fedex Jeep Napster Turner Movie Classics Teresa Graves I Love Lucy Batman Beverly Hillbillies The Young Ones James Garner Sesame Street Charlie's Angels Outer Limits Marx Brothers AOL Google