The Get Smart Gathering: The Picnic!

Part two of the Get Smart Gathering took place Saturday, Nov. 8, 2003 at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. That adventure began Saturday morning when I rolled out of bed at 7:30 a.m. with an upset stomach. I meandered downstairs and thought some breakfast would help. I tried to understand what my German neighbors were talking about, but could only gather that their child was trying to get her grandmother's attention and wanted milk. So much for four years of German. I decided to go back up stairs.

    Sometime later I went back downstairs. Jodi, Barb, Jen and I tried to assimilate what had gone on the night before. I don't know where we got with that, but we did discuss how Barbara Feldon has the patience of a saint and how we felt about getting up the courage to talk to Don Adams.

    Our group then headed off to Roxbury Park. There were a lot of neat sights along the way... including points of interest like the Roxy and Whiskey a Go-Go. Once we got into Beverly Hills there were tons of swank houses to look at -Daddy Warbucks mansions and Florida Homes. It was wall to wall money! One thing I noticed was that all the grocery stores were picketing amid this town of neon green lawns.

 When we arrived at the park we weren't too sure where to go. The place was filled with soccer games and people walking their dogs. After trekking to the other side, we found we the only Smartians there. That led to some panic, but a few minutes later I noticed a tall figure walking over the hill... it was Alan Spencer! Shortly after that Carl Birkmeyer showed up and we were just about set.

    Everyone still seemed to be in a daze from the night before. Was this real? Did it actually happen? Well, the proof is in the pictures and the snap shots I took at the picnic can be perused below.


    Food is naturally one of the highlights of a picnic. Roxbury Park had grills, but all of us chose carry out... the most popular choice being Subway. 

    Actually, I was impressed with that. Usually I take my life in my hands when I eat Subway, but the little joint in Beverly Hills we went to made pretty good subs. 


Smartian Sue Kesler had a cardboard Max and brought it out to the picnic for us to stand around and take pictures. 

True to form, this Maxwell Smart kept falling face first into the dirt. I guess we had the right secret agent. 


Sue also brought her pride and joy -an exact replica of Max's Sunbeam! 

What a neat car! Sue even gave rides around the block in it.


    Now this is what the whole weekend was all about (mostly) --hanging out and chatting about Get Smart. It equated it to a 'live' Friday night chat session. 


    In the above pictures, Nate Sears and Alan Spencer are participating in a Maxwell Smart impersonation contest. Both had Don's voice down pat. For his talent at being Max, Nate won an autographed copy of The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart. Jodi Goldfinger also won the same book for reciting the proposal scene from memory.


   Yeah, I'm such a poser... from these pics, it looks like I'm not alone. 

   Hey, we were heading home so we got all "Huggy Bear" in the end.

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