A Post Gathering Gathering


After the picnic, Amanda B., Mike and Gina decided we should do something together. We hopped in Amanda's car and road off into the sunset... er, would you believe Century City. We weaved our way through town... spending much of the time gaping out the window at dancing McDonalds guys and the like. 

    We stopped for food at an In & Out -a different one where tables were prime real estate! Maybe it's good they don't have those in the mid-west... I'd wind up eating there everyday. Naughty, naughty.

 A burger and fries later we wound up on the top of a Hamburger Hamlet's parking garage. Quite a breathtaking view Hollywood has from up above. We even saw the TV Guide building and Capital Records. Oooooh.

  I may have mentioned before, Hollywood Boulevard is the place for kitschy souvenir crap. Some of the shops, though, look like they were slapped together overnight. 

    We stopped in one of the nicer shops and bought more souvenirs to keep our family members pacified. It was at about this point that Brian from New Jersey joined us.

    I thought I was supposed to see strange things in southern California. I thought things were different out there -or so I was told. 

    I think the strangest thing I came across was a Spiderman wearing a belt pack. 

    Yeah, there were protesting Hare Krishnas, a Christian that danced in the street, and people that broke out into a song and dance routine on Hollywood Boulevard, but I still like Spidey.

    During our trek down Hollywood Boulevard we looked at the walk of fame and questioned why certain people managed to have stars and why Don Adams didn't. 

    Well, the almighty dollar is the answer to that question. At least his talent agent, Mace Neufeld, got a star.

    Awe... we're so cute! In picture #1 we have Elvis, the webmaster, Marylyn Monroe, and Gina Woodard. 

    Here's a tip: those guys in the costumes liked to be tipped. 

    Brian then took our pictures at Hollywood and Vine. Woohoo! Hollywood and Vine! The spot man! 

    (Below from left are Mike, Amanda, the webmaster and Gina).

    As per Amanda's request we stopped in a used bookstore. Personally, this would've been a neat place to explore if I had all day and an unlimited bank account. They had a good selection of TV books...pricey, but a good selection.


    In the end we parted with Brian and went back up into the parking garage to the car. Amanda drove me back to the glorious Holiday Inn via the insane freeway as I needed my forty winks. That evening as I packed, Bravo was running The Graduate. I wonder if it was some kind of sign.*

    The rest of the group, as I understand, went seeking a bar, but wound up buying their booze & getting plastered in Mike's room. Okay... that may be an exaggeration... but I'm sure I heard them in the hallway around 3:30 in the a.m. -although Gina claims it was only 2:30.

    The next morning I got up and was informed by the good people of Super Shuttle that a cab would becoming for me instead of them. Oh well, just as long as I got to LAX. The cabbie came on the dot... a nice older guy from Chicago (ah.. home) who liked classical music. He took the freeway which, in all the darkness of 5:30 in the morning, was quite empty.

    LAX, I found, had these easy check in terminals for those of us flying United. Rather convenient if you knew what you were doing. I had enough time to eat McDonalds for breakfast and read a local Long Beach, Calf. newspaper.

    The ride back was real nice and quick. Due to a tailwind we arrived at  O'hare in three hours rather than four. This did, though, leave me with more time there than I would have liked. As the time came for me to board the plane to South Bend, I got to wait some more, and more, and more! There were a number of delays, folks were getting antsy and a flight heading to Cleveland was grounded until the plane's crew was located. Try the bar.

    Yes, rest assured, I did make it back to Michigan City. Although at times I still think I should've stayed in California -namely when that cutting wind off Lake Michigan blows through my pea coat and I find my desk filled with problems I can't investigate and write about in day's time.

*The Graduate was written by Buck Henry, who had a cameo in the movie. As mentioned on an earlier page, Bravo showed Mel Brooks' The Producers Friday evening. Brooks, of course, had a cameo in his movie. Brooks and Henry, Get Smart's creators, were unable to attend Friday's dinner, but they did send their regrets.

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