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Shhhh!!! Top Secret Sounds!

I was spying on Control the other day and this wild assortment of snippets is what I came up with. All of this vital intelligence has been haphazardly compiled in wav or MP3 formats.
Some of these sound files are not of the greatest quality, so I 'd suggest turning the volume knob up a notch or so


Would You Believe a Theme Song?

The Get Smart Theme from the CBS years 744KB -MP3
The Get Smart Theme from the FOX series* 78KB -WAV


Get Smart wavs

Let's use Swahili (377KB)
You've got him, Chief, the best in the business! (140KB)
Max walking into a door (291KB)
The horn phone (221KB)
Four men have failed! (211KB)
Are you 99? (306KB)
Why you're a girl! (232KB)
The end of Mr. Big (231KB)
The Lost Get Smart Scenes! (wavs)

Yes, Control Agents, the following snippets are actual missing scenes from Get Smart! These scenes were left intact during Get Smart's run on Nick @ Nite. However, TVLand has for some seen fit to cut away these scenes.

From "The Groovy Guru" 99 accusing Max of taking a lie pill (356KB)
From "To Sire With Love" Part II

I'm Angel Face!

A Few non-Smart Words from Don Adams (wavs)
From "Don Adams Meets the Roving Reporter" Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury (275KB)
From "Jimmy the Kid" Ugly? (221KB)

Don on Steve Allen (7-8-56)

Don talks about the strange feeling he gets before appearing on TV


Don on Steve Allen (4-28-57)

Don mentions his anniversary (313KB)

A Word From Agent 99 (wavs)

Barbara Feldon Saying "Sock it To Me" (97KB)
A line from the "99" song (297KB)

(The "Ugly" wav comes from the goofy Jimmy the Kid flick that had Don playing the supporting role of a bumbling detective. Typical huh? Not completely! In this movie, Don's character, Harry Walker, really got into his work by dressing in drag. The wav file above has Don arguing with a traffic cop on why he is not an ugly woman or a hussy. Rating: PG-13)

*Thanks to Ryan Schroer for providing these wavs.