No Time For Spies

Plot: Seigfried steals a time machine from a turn of the millennium scientist and Max has to stop him from destroying the future.

Part One

Max and 99 learn of Kaos' possession of the time machine and manage to locate it only after being captured by Seigfried and Shtarker.  

Part Two

As Max follows Seigfried into the future, he finds that Control no longer exists and that he must join forces with a scatterbrained Naval Espionage Association agent and her crotchety superior.

Part Three

Max attempts to gain intelligence on Kaos' whereabouts through a lecherous former Control agent known as One.  While One picks up a lead on the time machine, Max is finding that Kaos has it in for him as well as the President.

Part Four

Max receives support from the President and learns that Kaos has a very commercialized grip on turn of the millennium society.  However, when he becomes distracted by an unsettling discovery he makes regarding Lucy, he finds himself face to face with Kaos -literally.

Part Five 

The plot thickens as Seigfried uses intergalactic means to power the time machine.  In the meantime, a sudden turn in events will led Max to believe that the NEA has a mole problem -and no, we're not talking rodents.

Part Six

When Max demands the Cone of Silence, he doesn't get what he expected -including being accused of being the NEA's mole.  A predicament reminiscent of the movie Vertigo, however, allots Max and Lucy the chance to find the real double agent  -if  they don't fall to their deaths in the process.
(Note: this part has been broken into segments 1 and 2 due to file size.  Just follow the links after each story.)

Part Seven

With the aid of Hymie the Robot, Max's time machine search leads him to an amusement park run by Kaos.  While trying to evade Seigfried's torturous rides, he uncovers a multitude of secrets about several of the NEA's agents that only stymies the situation.
(Note: this part has been broken into segments 1 , 2 , and 3 due to file size.  Just follow the links after each story.)

Part Eight

In the final chapter of this Get Smart saga, Max is faced with several stumbling blocks that, if not handled with the utmost diligence, could hamper his return to 1969.  The question to ask is: How much diligence does Mr. Smart have to have to get home?