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    Going backwards, here's something of log about the Get Smart movie's progress.

    Update 5-13-05 Carell's sitcom gets another season

Even though it was rather short lived this season, NBC has renewed Steve Carell's show, The Office, for next season. Why do we care? This may mean shooting of GS The Movie may not take place until 2006 since Carell will be tied up in The Office. It may also mean that if The Office gets an entire season (rather than two weeks) work on the movie may not kick off until next Spring which may mean we won't see the move until 2007. The Office may get cancelled or it may not. If it does get the axe, this may have an affect on Carell's sudden burst of popularity and the GS movie may not make it to the box office. Lots of ifs and mays here.

    Update 2-28-05 More Movie Madness.

The Get Smart movie actually has a site on the IMDB and you can actually go there and argue about who you want to be 99, the chief and maybe even Fang. On TheMovieBox.net (which as of at least 8-7-10 has become a file 404) there is a small article and picture of Carell looking rather in character.

    Update 8-3-04: The shoephone is passed again!

The role of Max is alleged to have been tossed to Steve Carell -now in Anchorman at theaters near you. This snippet explains -kinda. Now I have to ask, what about 99? And I thought this thing still had a 40 percent chance of being made?

    Update 8-1-03 Now who gets it?

This Get Smart movie idea is starting to look like a hot potato... it's been passed around so much *sigh* It's been two years since the last bit o'news, but this Cinescape Article tells us that former SNL star Will Farrell has "attached" himself to the role of Max. Also, the movie still has no director. John Whitesell, mentioned above, is out of the picture.

    Update 3-2-01: Who's next to vie for the role of Smart?

Funny that should be asked because the possibilities of Get Smart going to the big screen are now bigger, wider, and heftier than before. According to this Yahoo Article (which as of at least 12-6-01 has become a file 404) the Get Smart movie is still under the firm belt of Warner Brothers, but there has been changes made with the director and the script. John Whitesell, late of Calendar Girl and See Spot Run, is now to direct the movie. Also, the script is being refurbished by writers Bill Collage and Adam Cooper. Other "Film Dirt" can be perused at this Filmfodder Article which seems to paint shades of Mike Meyers -which is actually quite a doubtful scenario. Actors are yet to be determined. . . so we can still pray that Adam Sandler is not chosen!

    1998-2000:  In the beginning....

News of the Spyville script hits the fan along with some sort of notion that Will Carrey would be Max. Although a Hollywood pick, Carrey was not a fan favorite for the part of Max. Don Adams has had a few choice words to say about the idea too. Not that it mattered --Carrey refused the role. Next in line to get in Control, but in the director's chair, was Rob Reiner who reportedly bought the rights to a GS script was and having visions of Tom Hanks at the same time. Hanks' position was about to be knocked down a block: enter Adam Sandler.  According to the gospel of yellow journalism, The National Enquirer, Sandler was said to have been seeking Smart.