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This page is devoted to and consistent of nothing but KAOS. 

In other words, this part of my site is now the home of everything that I did not originally intend for my site. 

Just wait and see what will pop in here from time to time! 

And just remember: Dieses ist KAOS! Wir nicht gemacht YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, oder richtig Deutsche hier!


Here's a bunch of totally Kaotic places you can go & stuff you can do. -It's more fun that even Shtarker's allowed to have (not that he gets to have much fun).

Click on the links below:

Smartian Controversies I Smartian Controversies II Smartian Controversies III
Smartian Controversies IV Get Smart Movie Mayhem! The Get Smart Lunchbox Page!
The Bill Dana Show Page! The Sacred cows fan Page! The Get Smart Obsession Quiz
  The Other Maxwell Smart

Get Smart Action Figures

Max's Cars

All loyal Kaos Agents now hear this:  Tune into Kaos Radio!  

Kaos wall plaques available

Attention Kaos agents: Hollywood Greg is selling Kaos wall plaques. These are great for Kaos conference rooms, dungeons and above your mantle!

I have one of his plaques and it's really a great addition to my Get Smart collection - it's spectacular! It's really a quality collectible and you can tell a lot of effort and love into making it. Excellent craftsmanship!

The plaques  and a number of other neat products are at  Hollywood Greg's website -


Some of the older members of Kaos

One of the newer members of Kaos


Kaos Agents:   In honor of Herr Shtarker, for the years, pounds and gallons of laughter he has provided, all Kaos Agents are requested to put a dime in a telescope in his memory.  

As for you do-gooders at Control -you can do the same!

Danke Schoen Mr. Moody (1929-2002).


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