Smart DVDs

Looking to fill your DVD cabinet with all things Get Smart? Well here's what is out there -- good, bad, and excellent. For what it's worth, a few of these items were once upon a time released on reel to reel film, VHS and laser disc. For the purpose of this page we'll stick with 21st century technology. Sorry gang, no Beta.

What it is Synopsis How to get it

Get Smart -the Time Life set

Released in 2006, the set includes the restored entire series and mountains of bonuses. Carl's site has a complete list of what it offers here.

Available through TimeLife

Get Smart -the general release

Released by HBO Home Video on Aug. 5, 2008 as season sets, season one offers 30 episodes on four discs. The release offers no special features.

Retail price is $24.98. Amazon and Best Buy have it priced at $19.99.

Get Smart The Complete Series

Released by Sony Pictures home entertainment on June 3, 2008, Get Smart, often referred to as Get Smart 1995 or GS 95 by fans, was the ill-fated Fox series aired in January 1995. All seven episodes are on one disc. Features include a minisode of NewsRadio and a minisode of T.J. Hooker.

Amazon and any smattering of retail locations have it ranging in price from $13 to $19.95.

The Nude Bomb

Official release date was June 17, 2008. No special features... not even a chapter selection feature. Bleh. FWIW, the Nude Bomb had been previously released on VHS and Laser Disc! Ooooh. Laser Disc... ***It's worth noting that The Nude Bomb was also released twice on BluRay. Of most importance and well worth watching is the 2019 release by Kino Lorber. 

Can be found at Amazon, ect. Standard retail price is... well that depends which version you want.

Get Smart Again

The 1989 TV reunion move Get Smart Again was actually the first GS production to come out on DVD. Amazon gives a release date of Aug. 3, 2004, but the DVD was available as early as December 2003. There are no special features.

GS Again was initially marketed to the Walmart $5 bin. Outside of any leftovers that may be in FYE or Suncoast, it can be found on Amazon or Ebay.

Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control

The Get Smart 2008 movie sequel was released July 1, 2008 -just weeks after the GS movie opened in theaters. It's also available in BluRay format

Amazon. Best Buy is offering a special version with some GS episodes on it. It ranges in price from $16- $24.98.