Movie Press

Considering most of these pieces are not too old, you should be able to dig them up.

TV Shows Hit the Big Screen! by Craig Tomashoff. TV Guide. Jan. 16, 2005.
Well, yummy, it's food for the movie fodder! Snipped from a larger piece on a boat load of other TV shows going to film, TV Guide makes mention that Steve Carell will be Maxwell Smart. Will he?

Steve Carell by Eric Spitznagel. Playboy. November 2005.
A Max-to-be Steve Carell answers 20 questions -including one on Get Smart. The picture of Steve, interestingly enough, was a Get Smart test shot circa 2004. Steve's posing with Smartian Sue's Sunbeam. Say that super fast seven times.

Carell Very Psyched About New 'Get Smart' AP. July 7, 2007.
Steve Carell pokes his head in at the San Diego Comic Con and describes the new GS as a "comedic Bourne Identity."

Get Smarter. Entertainment Weekly.
Article on the direct to DVD GS spin-off with Bruce and Lloyd.

Steve Carell: Beyond the Office by Nancy Mills. USA Weekend. April 4-6, 2008.
Article on the many roles of Steve.

2008 Summer Movie Preview -Get Smart. USA Weekend. April 18-20, 2008.
Refers to James Caan who plays the president in the movie. IMHO, Rupert of Rathskeller was much more interesting.

Movie Preview. Entertainment Weekly. April 25-May 2, 2008.
The GS flick makes EW's summer movie preview...though not in an altogether big way.

Get Smart the Movie. Life Story Movie Magic. May 2008.
Mag features all the summer's big releases including GS.

Funny Business by Nicole Spirling. Entertainment Weekly. June 6, 2008.
"Hollywood Insider" article on  GS vs the Love Guru. Both opened the same weekend.

Carell Jokes about kiss with the Rock AP. June 7, 2008
Film propaganda. The Rock has soft lips and smells like strawberry shortcake. Steve Carell kisses and tells.

Dwayne's World by Christine Spires. Entertainment Weekly. June 13, 2008.
Story on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's rise from wrestling to the A-list.

The Next A-List by Sean Smith, Nicole Sperling, Benjamin Svetkey and Adam B. Vary. Entertainment Weekly. June 13, 2008.
Would you believe EW picks Anne Hathaway as Julia Roberts heir?

Get Smart Misses it by A Lot by Christy Lemire. AP June 17, 2008.
The Associated Press gives the GS move 1 1/2 stars. Ouch. Here's an excerpt: "It all plays out in big, loud, obvious fashion -as if the filmakers figured the audience wouldn't be interested in the sort of sly absurdity that gave the show its original charm.....As for the plot, it feels like an afterthought, something cobbled together once all the pratfalls and the sight gags were lined up."

Carell, Hathaway Smarten Up a New Max, Agent 99 by David Germain. AP. June 17, 2008.
Another piece of the typical film package AP moves --the film Q&A. Good thing they sent another reporter to do it. Props to Steve for his homages to Don.

Nostalgic for Laughs by Michael Phillips. Chicago Tribune. June 20, 2008.
Phillips gives GS 2 stars. Here's an excerpt: "The new version of Get Smart misses by a fair-size margin. It's too bad. It's just trying to give us a good time at the retroplex."

Would You Believe... Steve Carell takes on the bad guys in 'Get Smart' by Glenn Whipp. The San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group. June 20, 2008.
This article is a sidebar to a package titled "The Making of a Franchise." The other article it was packaged with was on 'Kit Kittredge: An American Girl." It's one of few articles I've seen that has delved into the background of this movie.

Nothing intelligent about 'Get Smart' by Glenn Whipp. The San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group. June 20, 2008.
When the lede of a review uses the phrase "depressing, generic nothingness" you can guess the film isn't going to get two thumbs up. This review gives Get Smart one star - and concluded that the movie missed it - by a mile.

Carell Flick Helps With Cancer Fund. AP June 21, 2008.
AP brief on a screening of Get Smart in Boston to benefit The Zachary Carson Brain Tumor Fund.

'Get Smart': Good Advice by David Ansen. Newsweek. June 23, 2008.
Oh snap! Another bad review. Here's an excerpt: "In this distressingly generic spy spoof, it's not Maxwell who's clueless, but the filmmakers."

'Get Smart' Gets Audience by David Germain. AP June 23, 2008.
AP's box office article on Get Smart tromping The Love Guru. In its first weekend GS ranked No. 1 at $39.2 million.

'Get Smart' Flattens 'The Love Guru' by Scott Bowles. USA Today. June 23, 2008.
Article on the opening day ultimate death match between GS and Guru.

Missed It By That Much by Amanda Haverstick. The News-Dispatch, June 27, 2008.
Instead of reporting on the thrills of zoning boards, religion issues and playing with Quark, I offered my thoughts on the Get Smart movie. In reading all the other reviews, I was pretty generous - I gave it 2 1/2 stars. But then again, the lede of my review mentions "lowered expectations."

Get Smart by Jason Lynch. People. June 30, 2008.
People gives the GS flick three stars and props. Here's and excerpt: "Get Smart effectively stands on its's the rare action-comedy that delivers both thrills and chuckles."

Steve Carell Q&A by Oliver Jones. People. June 30, 2008.
Carell talks about how to train to be an action hero -have tickle fights with your kids.

Agent Provocateur by Simon Doonan. InStyle, July 2008.
Anne Hathaway is all over InStyle. All. Over. Too boot the article is written by one of the commentators oft seen on VH1's "I Love The _____" FWIW, in the most recent installment of that program, he has encouraged everyone to stop wearing Crocs. I agree.

Get Smart by Lisa Schwarzbaum. Entertainment Weekly. July 7, 2008.
This review gives the Get Smart a B+ and says the movie references enough of the original to "please those who lived it the first time." Hmmm....

Movies on DVD: Get Smart by Ari Karpel. Entertainment Weekly. Nov. 7, 2008.
Get Smart gets a B- in this review, but it's not exactly spelled out why. Much of this blurb gives props to Anne Hathaway.