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Ah...... So you'd like to get Smart, huh? Now, to fellow Smartians the TV show Get Smart needs no introduction, but for the novice, however, an adequate explanation needs to be given.

Get Smart is an American sitcom that ran from 1965 to 1970 during the turbulent Vietnam and Cold War era. This hilarious show was created by Mel Brooks (Blazing Saddles) and Buck Henry (Heaven Can Wait) to spoof the popular James Bond movies of that period. 

It starred the ever so funny and multi-talented former stand-up comedian Don Adams as bumbling and stumbling spy Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. Max was assisted by a female agent known only as Agent 99. Later in the run of the series Max and 99 (who was played by the sultry and velvet-voiced Barbara Feldon) tied the knot and had children soon after.

86 and 99 worked for the good forces of the top secret spy organization known as Control. Unfortunately, they always had to clean up a spot of trouble that was created by their enemies at Kaos -also known as The International Organization of Evil. Fortunately, 86 and 99 were aided by their long suffering boss, The Chief (played by former opera singer Edward Platt), Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum) who could be found anywhere from inside a mailbox to under the seat cushions of a sofa, and Control's own version of R2D2 - Hymie the robot (Dick Gautier).

After winning its final cluster of Emmys in 1969, Get Smart was canceled by NBC. CBS, seeing a golden opportunity in television programming, snatched the show and put it in their line up. It was in this season that Max and 99 had twins. This was also the last season for the original Get Smart series. 

Get Smart was revamped, however, with a 1980 feature film called The Nude Bomb (it was also a box office bomb) and a TV reunion movie called Get Smart Again. In January of 1995, FOX aired a revised and short lived version of Get Smart.

A few years after the Get Smart re-boot flopped, rumors began to swirl that a Get Smart movie was in the works. Those rumors twisted and turned for a decade until Get Smart, staring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway,  hit theaters in 2008.  The notion of a sequel to that movie was tossed around, with Carell having reportedly wrote a script for it, but it's not looking like it will come to pass -at least not any time soon. Check out my Movie Comments for more information and thoughts on that matter. 

Get Smart has had a lasting influence on comedy and on TV up to the present. Sadly, the show is largely ignored and over looked. GS produced a load of clever catch-phrases (e.g. sorry about that; would you believe?; and missed it by that much) that are still being used in sitcoms today. 

I think that the show has some sort of a magnetic quality to it. The black and white pilot episode, "Mr. Big," was the first episode I saw and from that point I was completely hooked.  It was not too hard to become addicted to the show either. After all, Get Smart was truly funny (those that didn't find it funny -and I can name a few- didn't get the jokes). Plus, Max drove a cool car -several to be precise but I preferred the Ghia.  Agent 99 was a non-blonde (yeah! a fellow brunette plays a leading lady! Woohoo!) and she had perfect hair. Of course, the sole reason for watching was Don Adams and, yes, I still have a crush on him.