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List Guidelines:

Failure to follow the List Guidelines will result in removal from the list!


1.  All mail should be about or related to Get Smart Literature (i.e. stories, fanfic, and scripts).  This list is a discussion list of the literary nature.  It is NOT a general topic list for Get Smart.  Such a list of that variety can be found here.  Email such as FWDs, virus warnings, jokes, and electronic greeting cards are not related to Get Smart Fan Fiction, so do not send them!


2.  Be nice. In other words, thall shalt not be a jerk!  Nobody likes a wet blanket, so let's all be civil towards one another.  


3.  Swearing and foul language is NOT permitted in list discussion.  List members find it offensive so clean out your potty mouth before you post!  If your story has cursing in it, then you must rate it according to the rating system (see Rule 5) in a spoiler space above your story.


4.  If you have an issue with the way the list is being run or feel that guidelines are being breeched, then you must email the administrator NOT the list.  I (the list administrator) can be reached at big_beatles_fan@yahoo.com.  Only the list administrator should be calling attention to naughty behavior.


5.  You may post (send) your stories to the list or, if you have a web site, you can send us the URL to where we can read your story.  How you decide to post your story is up to you since it is Your Property.  Please rate your story!  This is so the reader knows what kind of material they are about to read.  Such ratings are:


The Rating System


General audiences and good clean family fun


The content may be a tad more "touchy" in some areas. This is the level of the 60s sitcom. 


The content includes  light swear words, violence, double-entendres, and allusions to sex.  If you survived the  "The Nude Bomb,"  then this is about the same.  


This would be the Die Hard/James Bond version of Get Smart. The content would include stronger swear words and more frequent swearing.  Violence and light sexual interactions are also included. Light sexual interactions means we may find Max and 99 in bed together, but we will not be reading about them tearing their clothes off.  Got that?  While "R rated" fics are permissible on the list, they must have a spoiler space before the story announcing that they are "R rated" for whatever reason be it heavy language, adult situations, or violence.

NC-17 & X-rated

First of all, NC-17 and X rated stories are NOT permitted on the list! Plain and simple this consists of porn, graphic violence, sexual and erotic situations, descriptions of a character's private parts, and the implementation of sex toys.  For a further break down of what is not allowed, your characters cannot have sex on this list.  They cannot take off their clothes to reveal their privates.  They cannot take off each other's clothes.  Specifically, "Privates" includes a woman's breasts and male and female genitals. (please read rules number six and seven below)


6.  All stories that include "Adult Content" (NC-17 and X-rated) need to be made available through private email.  This list is open to writers and readers of all ages so please keep that fact in mind when posting a story. Slash stories follow the same rating system and guidelines.


7.  Violence issues:  since this is an all ages list, graphic violence is considered "Adult Content" and should be emailed privately or posted on a website outside of this mailing list.  As far as violence is concerned, light violence such as "Shtarker plunged through the picture window onto the solid concrete patio" is permissible on the list.  However, graphic descriptions such as "Shtarker's crumpled body, after being pierced with razor-edged shards of glass as he smashed onto the gravel, began to resemble an over-used dart board" must be distributed through an outside web page or private email.  The reason being is that this may either gross some folks out or really tick off their parents.


8.  When posting a story or link to a story, please give the list some description as to what your story will be about.  You don't have to give away all the stuff you want us to figure out on our own, but instead, just give a sentence or two building up and plugging your story.


9.  When you post commentary on a story that has been posted or linked through the list, and your post mentions or alludes to any content within that story, you must start a new email and put in the subject line: SPOILER-"Name of Story"  Do not just reply to the story because that resends the story to the list and can cause unnecessary inbox blockage for people.


10.  When leaving feedback or posting commentary to the list, please make the distinction between constructive criticism and being rude.  Being rude violates Rule 2 and is plain out tacky.  Constructive criticism is helpful commentary.  Saying "I thought the story was stupid" is not helpful to the writer.  However, saying "I think you could express your points better if you provided better transitions between scenes" is useful to the writer and is also tactful.


11.  Commentary and discussion on NC-17 stories is permissible as long as your message is not quoting or describing the particular elements of the story that qualified it for an NC-17 rating.  Also, the subject line of your post should read: SPOILER-"Name of Story."


12.  Email that is sent privately to you should not be posted on the list unless the author of that email has given you permission to quote them.


13.  DO NOT STEAL other people's stories.  If you want to quote someone or something they wrote, get their written permission first!


14.  This list is not designed as a list to discuss selling/copying/trading episodes of Get Smart.  If you feel that you need to discuss this topic for whatever reason, then you must do it through private email.  Do not send emails about this topic to the list.  The subject of selling/copying/trading of Get Smart episodes could cause the mailing list to be shut down as it is a violation of copyright.


Un-subscription Issues: 

To Unsubscribe, please email gsfic-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com Do not mail un-subscription emails to the list 'cause that won't do the trick!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the list administrator!

Disclaimer:  gsfic@yahoogroups.com and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gsfic is not responsible for and is not liable for actions outside of the mailing list whether it be through any form of private contact, email, or the content of private websites.

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