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Josť and Byron's Picture City!

From: "What Elephant?"

(L-R) Glick shows off his new bloodhound to a doubtful Josť; Self important Byron, while making sure Jose got rid off his pet rabbits, discovers that the Josť's room is now the home of a baby elephant.

From: "Blood For Two Turnips"

(L-R) Glick and Jiminez contemplate how to weasel out of donating blood; The Duo fail to impress Mr. Phillips (second from right) or the Doctor (far right) with their anti-donation proposal; Byron gets stabbed in the finger.

From: "Tonsils for Two"

(L-R) Suzie helps Byron get ready for Josť's tonsillectomy; Phillips give his advice on how Byron should begin the operation.

From: "Jose the Flower Thief"

(L-R) Byron gets kicked in the shins by the little old lady standing next to him; Byron tries to smooth over Josť's altercation with the NYPD.

(above) Josť, in an attempt to fight City Hall, finds himself under the legal counsel of Byron L. Glick

Suzie Kissing Jose    


(L-R) Suzie the waitress gives Josť a kiss; a spiffy little Bill Dana Show publicity type picture; and Byron, Josť and Mr. Phillips act rather judgelike.