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Bill Dana Sound Bites

Bill Dana WAVs
Name Size Description
"You Big Nut!"


Byron, Josť, and Mr. Phillips discuss blood donation
"What else does he do?"

(353 KB)

Byron shows his new bloodhound to Josť
"Where Could that pachyderm be?"

(512 KB)

Josť & Byron plot how to keep Mr. Phillips from discovering the baby elephant they're hiding
"I bet you won't have anymore trouble from that little old lady!"

(182 KB)

Byron & Josť discussing apprehending a criminal.
That's a Jackass!(211KB)

(211 KB)

ahem..... Byron's support for the democrats

Bill Dana MP3s
Name Size Description

"He's behaving like a chicken livered sissy!"

(192 KB)

Byron and Mr. Phillips argue over whether or not Josť is a coward
"What's his temperature?"

(309 KB)

Byron, Phillips, and Suzie invade Josť's daydreams as the surgeons that are about to remove his tonsils.
"I've Never..."


Josť details his spotless record for Byron
"Please wake the defendant up!"


Byron fantasizes about about being a defense attorney
"You really know how to hurt a guy, don't you?"


Don Adams' famous response to insults. This time it's in response to Phillips' surgical advice.