From:  Who's Who in TV 1967

Don Adams may look like the spy least likely to succeed--but he won an Emmy this year for his portrayal of Max Smart.  Don entered show biz in 1948 in Miami Beach, doing 100 impressions in 20 minutes with partner Jay Lawrence.  When the pair split, Don hit it as a single on the Steve Allen and "Tonight" shows.  Don was born in New York City, April 13, 1927.  His real name: Donald James Yarmy.  He is married to Dorothy Adams, and has a daughter, Stacy Noel, two years old, three other daughters by a previous marriage.

Barbara Feldon, who supplies the femme appeal as Agent 99, worked regularly guesting on TV and doing cosmetic commercials, finally hit the jackpot with this role.  A pert-yet-sultry brunette, Barbara was born in Pittsburgh, graduated from Bethel High School and went to Carnegie Tech.  She married Lucien Feldon (they were divorced last year), dropped her career, then went back via those commercials.  She's in movie's "A Garden of Cucumbers."

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