Article from:  "The Max-imum Male!" by June Clark, TV Radio Mirror, December 1966.

With a minimum of effort your own best guy can dress like

the MAX-imum MALE!

Don Adams who plays Maxwell Smart on NBC-TV's Get Smart series, now in its second year, shows that a savvy agent (secret or otherwise) can be wise in the ways of fashion as well as the world, and sartorially elegant in spite of being shot at. Don recently won the best-dressed TV star award from the Men's Apparel Club, and while dodging assorted mayhem on his weekly show does so in a nifty wardrobe designed especially for him by Ron Postal.

    Needless to say, being appropriately accountered for the occasion lends a certain amount of self-confidence, whether parrying the evil machinations of K.A.O.S. minions, or producing the snappy sales presentation that will clinch the new client. Clothes do indeed make the man, and, happily, men are now aware of the fact that proper tailoring can make a world of difference--something our British cousins have long known.

    Don is pictured here classically turned out, dapper, dashing. As far as fashion goes, he doesn't have to Get Smart, he is!




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