Article from: "Don Adams: He's Happy Being Two People." TV and Movie Screen May 1967.

Don Adams:

He's Happy Being "Two" People... and his family loves them both!


    There are no two ways about it, a person with two personalities just has to have twice as much fun, And that is certainly so for Don Adams, or Maxwell Smart. The bumbling characteristics of Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, come so close to certain aspects of Don's real personality that the two are indistinguishable. He may knock over a water glass in a restaurant. He has been known to drive to the studio with a garbage can in the back seat forgetting to leave it at the bottom of the hill. Appointments are missed just because he forgot about them. His wardrobe is a series of pockets full of reminder notes from his beautiful wife, Dorothy, The steering wheel of  his car usually looks like one big memo pad. It is the only place his secretary is sure that he will look. When he fumbles in his home Dorothy has commented more than once, "You know I think you really are Maxwell Smart. But then there is that other side of Don Adams --the serious side. There is no kidding around when it comes to Don being a devoted husband to wife Dorothy (Bracken) Adams who used to be with the June Taylor dancers. Don is absolutely crazy about his little daughter Stacy Noel who was born June 17, 1965, and spends as much time with her in their beautiful home as he possibly can. Stacy and Dorothy love Don because he is warm and wonderful to them and they love certain qualities that are so typically Don Adams that they couldn't possibly belong to anyone else. For instance Don would rather have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches than have steak. He is an avid reader of history books and is especially interested in the Civil War. He plays golf in the mid 80's and in person is a serious and reflective person. As a matter of fact, Don is so serious that before he became a comedian he was a commercial artist. He began writing comedy material on the side and working in small clubs as a comedian. Then he auditioned for Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. A week later he was on the show and won. From then on double personality Don Adams was on his way!

A wonderful family, a wonderful home-- life couldn't be better.

Horseback riding really isn't very hard at all now, is it? Hey, look who is getting a ride on Daddy's knee--Stacy Noel!
Time out for a cup of coffee--or milk--huh Stacy? Anyone for a nice long hike around the living room?


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