Article from: "Don Adams Draws on Another Talent," TV Guide, March 29, 1969.

Agent 86 an artist?  Don Adams the ineffable bumbler of Get Smart a painter of some merit?  Preposterous, you say; but it's not preposterous at all.  Adams is an almost compulsive artist who may come home from a late night at a party and tear into a canvas while still tuxedoed.  Because his wife Dorothy is something of a compulsive cleaner, the Adams artistic endeavors have been banished to the Adams child's playroom off the garage, but this leaves the master undaunted.  He paints (currently, chalks) on top of a bumper pool table (as in the picture above).  Don actually went to art school, where he did on of his most fascinating pieces, a European-inspired pen-and-ink drawing (above, far left), which is signed "Yarmy" because Adams' real name is Yarmy.  Other later works include the Mexican done in heavy oils (far left), which is owned by Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez); and the chalk profile of a child at left, which is owned by Maxwell Smart's "boss," Ed Platt. for some reason known only to him and his tax man, Adams gives these things away.


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