Snippet of article:   "The Sickniks," Time, July 13, 1959. page 42.

Don Adams, 32, who started as a burlesque comedian with a
clean act ("They almost murdered me"), jumped into the big
time when he won a Godfrey Talent Scouts show in 1954. 
Since then he has done guest shots with Steve Allen, Garry
Moore, is an odd bird among comedians in that he will write
material for other comedians.  He also seems detached  enough
to satirize other sick comedians.  Adams does a take-off on a
sicknik who is telling jokes about a plane crash and suddenly
looks out into the audience:  "Sitting over there I see Mr.
Thompson.  He lost his wife and two children in the crash. 
Stand up and take a bow, Mr. Thompson.  Let's give him a
nice hand. . . No tears now.  Just take your bow and sit down."

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