Article from:  "Don Adams:  The Man from B.U.N.G.L.E."  Playboy, September 1965.

If TV soothsayers are correct in their predictions, Get Smart, a cloak-and-gagger videopus debuting on NBC this fall, should attract heavy laughs and weighty Nielsen ratings.  As Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86, a bumbler of heroic proportions, comic Don Adams, who was a click as the hapless house dick Glick on The Bill Dana Show, hopes to achieve a new pinnacle of imperfection.  His investigative gaucheries will now be international in scope as he locks horns (and Rube Goldbergish gadgetry) with the dread minions of KAOS, who are out to rule the you-know-what.  This will be Adams' first fling as top banana of a TV show since he doffed his Marine greens after World War Two and set off in search of showbiz' elusive bitch goddess.  A decade ago, the quiet, crewcut Adams came up with an onstage comedy character who has appeared in sundry incarnations since then --a brash know-it-all who convincingly and comically conveys the message that he knows nothing.  Among his pet portraits of the last few years (during which he set some kind of a record for TV appearances as a guest jester--9 with Garry Moore, 20 with Steve Allen and a clutch with Jack Paar and Perry Como)  were those of a relentless prosecuting attorney whose barside manner puts judge, jury and defendant to sleep, and an off-base umpire school teacher determined to make the National Pastime a thing of the past.  His house-defective Glick go-round and his impending trench-coated cutup are simply situation-comedy extensions of his stand-up self.  When asked to compare his Get Smart characterization with his semiserious counterspy counterpart, Napoleon Solo, Don deftly deadpuns, "Anything he can do, I can do badder."

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